Sierra Club sounds downright gleeful about ‘global warming refugees’

Last night I spent some time in a sort of stream of consciousness exercise that took me from the death of  Ted Kennedy (a wealthy man who liked to take your money and give it to the poor, but wasn’t interested in distributing his money directly to the poor immigrant), to the assasination of his brother by Jordanian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan, to Bill Ayers and Jeff Jones dedicating their Weatherunderground screed to Sirhan Sirhan (among others), to Jeff Jones and the Apollo Alliance funded by the Tides Foundation, to the Apollo Alliance writing the stimulus bill to help redistribute your wealth to their pet projects, to the SEIU and its connections to Apollo and Geroge Soros (who likes to create interlocking groups to fool the public), to supposed environmental organizations like the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC and its heiress president) that sit on the Apollo Alliance board, and the stream goes on.

Eventually I will tell you all those connections and how refugees and immigrants play into the whole tangled web to “change” America—really to bring down America as we know it.

This morning I just want to tell you about how the Sierra Club is in bed with unions and how they justify their open borders position and their union supporting position to members questioning what the heck they are doing.

Here is a link to a column by “Mr. Green” at Sierra magazine.  Note the first question from a reader on June 9 was about the Sierra Club in bed with unions (btw Sierra Club President, Carl Pope sits on the Apollo Alliance Board with the likes of SEIU, which I have previously told you is helping organize Somalis to disrupt work places).

Then in March another reader asks Mr. Green this question:

Hey Mr. Green,

Why does the Sierra Club refuse to take a stand on illegal migration and historically high legal immigration? The sheer number of immigrants is having a negative effect on the environment and the amount of resources consumed, not to mention the social costs. Why is the Club being politically correct when there is a clear relationship between population and environmental balance? –Michael in Ashburn, Virginia

Here is Mr. Green’s answer (non-answer!) where he tries to deflect the members attention by suggesting the member was a bad anti-immigrant person and then goes on to sound like he is actually pleased about the latest fad of the refugee industry—global warming refugees!

While some of my environmentally minded readers dread any reduction in procreation [Edit:  LOL! the Sierra Club is all about telling white people to stop having babies but I can’t wait to see them tell African immigrants, like the Somalis, to stop having 6 kids and more], which would also reduce the number of immigrants, others, like you, want to shut the immigrants out. I just hope you’re not in favor of that environmentally destructive boondoggle of a fence they’re building on our border with Mexico.

The simplest answer to your question about the Sierra Club’s immigration policy is that the Club’s members voted overwhelmingly some time ago to remain neutral on this issue. [Edit: It is a very long story about how the Sierra Club took millions of dollars in donations to shut them up on immigration, ant that is why Mr. Green isn’t telling this reader the full story.]  Many are convinced that it is more helpful in the long run to work to help change the sinister circumstances that drive so many people to immigrate, including poverty, lack of education, lack of women’s rights, and lack of family-planning options.

A less-known driver of immigration is environmental devastation, which has produced millions of refugees; they now number more than 10 million per year. By the year 2000, there were 25 million such refugees, actually higher than the number of people who had fled for political reasons. Among the environmentally related causes of displacement are floods, landslides, water shortages, and desertification caused by deforestation and overcultivation, not to mention climate change and the more intense devastation caused by the more intense storms brought on by global warming.

While most Americans have gone about their lives since the late 1960’s finding work, buying a home, raising a family and just taking care of life, a cabal of radical Leftists has been quietly putting together a new government structure that aims to wipe out borders, redistribute wealth, take large businesses (willingly it seems) under government control and to be run by a group of Ivy League so-called intellectuals who are really a bunch of  rich elitist snobs.

They’ve created a goliath!  They’ve got the Religious Left,  the mainstream media, environmental groups, open borders groups, powerful unions, businesses like Wal-mart and Microsoft, ethnic advocacy groups and the list goes on—arrayed against the so-called “mob” attending town halls and tea parties.  Have faith, just as David did, the little guy can still win in the end.

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