Michael Posner puts foot in mouth by apologizing to China

You’ve probably heard about it, it’s been all over the news.  The State Department’s Michael Posner APOLOGIZED to China for our human rights abuses.  What were our abuses?  Arizona passed SB1070!  Think about it APOLOGIZING TO CHINA.  Here is Sarah Palin blasting the Obama apology tour at Gateway Pundit (one of my favorite blogs by the way and Sarah Palin is one of my favorite people!).

Posner, before going through the revolving door  to the State Department, was the well-paid head of Human Rights First.  I told you about  him here when he was pushing for more Iraqi refugees to be admitted to the US and promoting Samantha Power as the Iraqi refugee czar in the White House.    Surely as head of Human Rights First for decades he knew about this:

North Korea pays China a bounty of around $300 for each North Korean caught and returned to North Korea. Returned escapees will typically be prosecuted, then imprisoned, or, if it is their third attempt, summarily executed, for the crime of betraying the fatherland by leaving.

And, he must have known about this:

They have to be careful and alert – North Korean refugees looking for a better life in South Korea run the risk of being rounded up by Chinese troops. But there are groups and organizations who try to help. They call themselves the Catacombs, a reference to early Christians who fled underground to avoid Roman persecution. This group of Korean and foreign Christian human rights activists, along with the refugees they are helping, are trying to avoid being detected by China.

These groups help refugees by giving them shelter and food during their escape. They also assist them in moving on to South Korea. To them it is clear that China puts the lives of North Koreans fleeing across the border at risk.

Now, go here to the Office of Immigration Statistics Annual Flow Report, and take note that we granted asylum to 10,000-11,000 Chinese nationals who sought asylum each year for the last 3 years.  Indeed the Chinese top the list of those seeking asylum here.  How many Americans sought asylum in China during those same three years?  I bet the number is zero!  Case closed.

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