Saudi Arabia throws out more Somalis

That bastion of Muslim charity, Saudi Arabia, has deported another 100 Somalis—they just fly them back to Mogadishu and drop them off—bringing total numbers of deported fellow Muslims into the thousands.   So where is Michael the Apologizer  Posner now?  He was busy badmouthing Arizona to the Chinese, but is surprisingly silent on Saudi Arabia.

The double standard drives me nuts! Just remember it was the UNHCR that was saying here in June of last year that the historic tradition of charity toward refugees comes from Islam!   Sorry but that is just B.S. as Saudi Arabia demonstrates AGAIN!

The United Nations refugee agency is calling on all states to stop forcibly deporting Somali asylum seekers whose lives might be in danger if they are returned home. Officials with the refugee agency say they are very concerned about Saudi Arabia’s recent deportations of Somalis.

The U.N. refugee agency says it is not safe to send Somali asylum seekers home. Agency officials say all deportations to Somalia must stop given the precarious situation in the country.


Fleming (UN Spokeswoman, Melissa Fleming) notes Saudi Arabia has not ratified the 1951 International Refugee Convention. But, she adds, this does not absolve Saudi Arabia of its international obligations to protect people in distress.


We have been undertaking a very intense diplomatic effort with Saudi Arabia,” she said. “This has not been the first deportation. In fact, this has been ongoing for several months. We are talking about numbers that could be as many as 4,000 who have been returned by Saudi Arabia over the past year.”

I repeat, where is Posner?

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