Geert Wilders tells the truth about Palestinian “refugees”

Cranmer, an interesting blog from England, posts the entirety of a speech the brave Dutch politician Geert Wilders gave in Tel Aviv. It’s a wide-ranging speech, and it covers the topic of the “refugees” very well. Here’s an excerpt:

Israel is often being treated unfairly. The world looks at the plight of the Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon, Gaza, and other places, and many blame Israel. The UN claims that there are over 4.7 million Palestinian refugees, and many blame Israel. These voices say the Palestinians should be allowed to return to “Palestine.” But where is Palestine? Many say Israel must solve the problems of Palestine. But is Israel guilty of the plight of the Palestinian refugees?

My answer is “No.” The Arab leaders are to be blamed — and Islam is to be blamed. Let me first tell you why, and then I will tell you where Palestine can be found.

At the end of World War II, there were 50 million refugees. Today, all the refugee problems dating from before the 1950s have been solved. All, except one — the problem of the Palestinians.

Why did this problem not get solved? The reason is simple: Because the Arab countries did not allow it to get solved. And because Islam does not allow it to get solved.

“Archbishop Cranmer” (the blogger takes his name from Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury under Henry VIII and Edward VI, who wrote the Book of Common Prayer) comments:

There are few politicians in the West who realise that the ‘Jihad’ against Israel is a war against all of us: our lives, our liberties and our pursuit of happiness. And if they do realise, they dare not say.

And, as Wilders makes clear, the refugee situation is simply part of the jihad.

Cranmer hat-tips  Gates of Vienna for the speech, so I pass that on.

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