Egyptians want to go home, but no government to take care of them

This is one of the dozens of stories about “refugees” in North Africa at the  moment.  In this case its about Egyptians trapped in Libya or stranded in Tunisia who want to go home to Egypt.  But, guess what, there is no functioning government there thanks to American Leftists (friends of Soros) and union “leaders” who helped bring on the glorious Egyptian “democracy” revolution only a few weeks ago.

From the International Business Times:

The overwhelming flow of humanity – many of them Egyptians with no way to get home – is creating a humanitarian crisis, according to aid workers. Tunisian authorities are unable to cope with the sudden huge influx of people.


More than 20,000 Egyptians are now stranded in Tunisia, a refugee official of the United Nations told the BBC with a desperate need for food, water and shelter.

BBC reported that some Egyptian refugees were chanting: “We want to go home.”

All the people here are demonstrating because they want to go to Egypt,” an Egyptian refugee was quoted as saying. “All countries are sending aircraft to rescue their people – Turkey, Korea, India, Bangladesh – everyone is arriving and leaving except for Egyptians.”

Where is the Egyptian government?

“Where is the Egyptian government? Where is the Egyptian army? Where is the Egyptian ambassador?” one refugee at the border told AFP.

Where indeed?

A reminder to readers, two prominent US immigrant and refugee rights organizations, CASA de Maryland and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights are both up to their necks in the Egypt mess because of their involvement with the Organizer’s Forum which helped bring on the revolution in the first place.  Check out the Organizer’s Forum board, here.

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