Kentucky newspaper publishes many column inches on Burmese refugees in the state

The other day I reported that the Louisville Courier-Journal led the way in reporting the Iraqi refugee alleged terror plot story, but I see they quickly published a lengthy article on Burmese Christian refugees in Kentucky I expect to divert readers away from the terrorist refugee story.

The article is the standard refugee pull-on-your-heartstrings story—poor refugees, live in camps for decades, come to America for a better life, refugee financial aid running out, on welfare,  try to keep their traditional customs alive, try to find work in meatpacking,  but wish they could go home.  The same boiler-plate story is written from coast to coast and year after year.

The article quotes Senator Mitch McConnell.  I bet if you did a little digging you would find McConnell getting campaign contributions from Kentucky meat packers who need the legal immigrant labor.   I even hear that the meat packers get a tax break for hiring a refugee!

By the way, it’s been awhile since I mentioned it, but there needs to be a way for refugees who are profoundly unhappy in the US to be returned to camps where at least they know where their next meal is coming from.   Taxpayers pay refugee airfare to the US and they are supposed to repay it, but many cannot, so they surely can’t get the airfare home—-they are trapped here.

Check out some of my 2009 posts (begin here) on the deplorable conditions in which Burmese refugees have been expected to live in Bowling Green, KY.