Diversity is strength alert! Tysons worker stabbed in the neck, dies

Update June 17th:  There is a little bit more yesterday on this case, here, but I must say the whole thing sounds really fishy.  They are hiding something?

Update:  A few more details on the possible “accident” are here in the local paper.

This story is just breaking so its unclear what is going on, but  a thirty year old Hispanic worker is dead after supposedly bumping heads with another worker who promptly stabbed him in the neck.  Hmmmm!

From AP:    (Hat tip to a reader who keeps me informed from Garden City):

GARDEN CITY — Finney County officers are investigating the death of a Tyson Fresh Meats worker who was stabbed in the neck at the company’s Garden City plant.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the plant Tuesday night. They found 30-year-old Cesar Muniz at the nurse’s station with a wound in the neck. He was taken to St. Catherine Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The Garden City Telegram reports that a preliminary investigation found that Muniz and a 34-year-old man who were working in the same area of the plant somehow bumped heads while working. The other man had a knife in his hand and Muniz was stabbed.

Finney County Sheriff Kevin Bascue says the investigation is continuing.

We’ve written a lot about Garden City, one of those meatpacker immigrant-welcoming magnet towns.  Use our search function to find out more about this Kansas city.  Here is one about Somali clan squabbles in Garden City.  And, we wrote about Tyson Foods most recently here (Terrorists, TB and Tyson Foods).