Black violence heating up in South Africa (again); immigrants, whites and other black Africans targeted

Diversity is strength alert!  News you do not hear in the American mainstream media because they are so deeply invested in the Nelson Mandela Rainbow Nation myth!

In 2008 we had a lot of stories out of the Rainbow Nation that labeled ethnic nationalist violence—xenophobia.  Basically black South Africans are trying to protect their turf from other Africans and other immigrants—right now the targets of their rage (unemployment is as much as 50% in some parts of the “model” nation) are Somalis, Pakistanis and Zimbabweans.

From NZ Herald News:

Fears are rising that South Africa could face a new wave of xenophobic violence as mock eviction notices are issued to foreign traders in townships around Johannesburg, the scenes of bloody violence in May 2008.

In one settlement, Pakistani and Somali shopkeepers have closed and are staying indoors. Last week, more than 50 Somali-owned shops in Port Elizabeth were burned and looted.

On Friday, human rights groups marched through the centre of Johannesburg to protest against attacks on foreigners, mostly Somalis and Zimbabweans.


Estimates of legal and illegal immigrants range from three million to seven million. In townships like Diepsloot, where 150,000 people live, unemployment is around 50 per cent and there are no police stations.


Last week the United Nations human rights council discussed recommendations from UN special rapporteur Jorge Bustamante that South Africa draw up new anti-hate crime legislation.

Here is a discussion from Human Rights First about the pressure on the South African government to curb the “xenophobia.”   Not anywhere in any of this reporting is there mention of the violence and persecution of White South Africans who represent a tiny portion (9.3% in 2010) of the population.   Will Human Rights First make sure they are included in the protection from any hate crime legislation or help them become refugees escaping racist persecution so they can move to the West?