Blue Maryland seeing Red on immigration

Sorry no time to go into it today, but just wanted readers to know about this unbelievable political shake-up in Blue Maryland on illegal immigration.    The mainstream media has missed one of the hottest political stories of the summer in Maryland as organizers of a petition drive to put a new law (signed by Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley) that would give in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens will (I predict) succeed in being taken to referendum.

The drive ends today and the Washington Post finally wrote about it as a news story yesterday!   Be sure to check out what they say about what an impact this initiative will have on the national discussion about immigration—-Blue Maryland sends a message!

From the Washington Post:

Growing frustration with illegal immigration, rising public debt and an effective Internet campaign to gather voters’ signatures have put Maryland conservatives on the cusp of a victory to delay and possibly repeal a new law that would give undocumented immigrants in-state college tuition breaks.

Read the Post article and learn more about the national ramifications of a potentially successful referendum in Maryland (of all places!).

For Fox News (esp. Glenn Beck) fans and Jihad Watch readers note that the Democratic Party has sent its big dog to Maryland to represent the major illegal alien advocacy group—CASA de Maryland, here.  Note that Joseph E. Sandler, former general counsel of the DNC has threatened to sue many conservatives in order to silence their speech.  He and his comrades are now working overtime in Maryland!

Addendum:  See this tongue-in-cheek piece posted at Fox News —the top five places for illegal aliens to head to in the US!