Did they tell Michelle about the “xenophobic” attacks in South Africa?

Yesterday Michelle Obama and the girls (literally wrapped in the South African flag) arrived in South Africa to get a first hand look and to pay tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela, here.

Saying that throwing off the white oppressors was President Obama’s first political cause, they paid homage to Mandela.

“After leaving here, she proceeded to make a brief courtesy call on former president Mandela,” said Achmat Dangor, the head of the foundation, calling the first lady “a lovely woman without any airs”.

Their visit added to the symbolism surrounding Obama’s journey, with America’s first black family in the White House meeting South Africa’s first black president.

President Barack Obama has called the anti-apartheid struggle his first political cause, and US officials say he has had periodic telephone contact with Mandela, who led the struggle against white-minority rule.

I bet they never told Michelle about the black on black and black on Asian crimes against immigrants to South Africa, here, just days before her arrival.  But, of course that wouldn’t fit into the media (and socialist) narrative about the “rainbow” nation.

Several Somali-owned shops in the South African town of Rothenberg have been attacked by local gangs, looting the properties and stealing cash, witnesses said Saturday.

Dahir Mohamed, a Somali trader and merchant, said that at least 10 shops were looted while three of them were set on fire after all the valuables and cash were taken.

“Fortunately, no Somali refugee was killed or hurt during Friday’s looting related incidents” Mohamed told Radio Mogadishu on Saturday morning, saying that all Somali shop owners and workers fled, fearing being killed or burned alive in their businesses.

He estimated that at least $2 million was taken. The shop owners called local police, Mohamed said, but did not receive any response.

He said that a Chinese businessman whose shop came under attack received an urgent response from the police. China has a diplomatic mission in South Africa while Somalia does not, Mohamed noted.

It is the second such attack in less than month. On May 11, more than 50 Somali-owned shops in the South African city of Port Elizabeth were destroyed and looted by local residents.

Type South Africa into our search function for lots more posts on the “xenophobic” South African majority population.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops push new refugee bill too

Yesterday, I told you about Lutherans pushing a new refugee bill, today it’s the Catholics.  But, you see, if they don’t keep the refugees coming they will collapse financially—those lobby groups, the social justice gang, are nothing if they don’t have taxpayer funding.

From Catholic Culture:

The executive director of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services is urging lawmakers to the support the Refugee Protection Act, which was recently introduced in the Senate.

“Without US leadership, the situation for the world’s 15 million refugees would be much worse,” said Johnny Young, who served as US ambassador to Sierra Leone (1989-92), Togo (1994-97), Bahrain (1997-2001), and Slovenia (2001-04). “A large number of refugees rescued by our nation are themselves victims of terror and are in need of protection from such threats.

One commenter chastised the Bishops for blurring the distinction between illegal aliens and refugees.  But what the commenter doesn’t know is that the USCCB and its various affiliates are also supporting illegal immigration and open borders.  No sense making a distinction when there isn’t one!

From unum:

It would be helpful if Mr. Young and the bishops would distinguish between their positions on refugees, those fleeing persecution, and illegal immigrants, those merely seeking to cross national borders for other reasons. By blurring the distinction between refugees and illegal immigrants, the USCCB is undermining the efforts of civil authorities to protect national borders. These are the same civil authorities that are supported by Church teaching.

‘unum’ might want to check out a couple of links:  here on the USCCB behind the ‘amnesty’ march in DC,  here on the USCCB at my other blog, here (the Religious Left Exposed) and here is an interesting report on how “progressive Marxists” have infiltrated the Catholic Church.

It’s time for good Lutherans and good Catholics to begin questioning their so-called “leadership!”