Comment worth noting: Brits to stop “insensitive” DNA testing of African asylum claimants

From time to time we receive comments that merit attention on page one and this is one such comment.

Received from the “Opinionator” to this post from yesterday about how Somalis and others cheat their way into the UK.

It’s bad enough the people of the UK (and particularly England) are being trampled by incoming “refugees” and “asylees” and illegal and legal immigrants – now their traitorous government has decided that they – once again- cannot cull the cheats and liars (and we all know there are many) from the rest of the herd on non-British looking to avail themselves of the (heavily taxed) taxpayer benefits. This is particularly egregious considering the publicized Somali re-unification fraud in the USA (and covered at RRW):

UK Drops DNA test for Refugees and Asylum Seekers*

Tests are “unreliable” – Really? As unreliable as the “word” of thousands (if not more) fraudsters?

“Refugee Council chief executive Donna Covey said she welcomed the decision to scrap the DNA tests.She said the tests highlighted the insensitive attitudes of the U.K. Border Agency to refugees and asylum seekers.”

But what about the “insensitivity” shown to the immigrant beleaguered British citizens and taxpayers? Once again they are given short shrift.

Opinionator!  What are you thinking!  Only immigrants have feelings!  Everyone knows that Westerners are not entitled to sensitivity.  After all, we are history’s exploiters; it’s payback time and we dare not speak up.

* What the test sought to determine was whether the person seeking asylum was really from a country that is in turmoil because many, from places like Kenya, shouldn’t even be seeking asylum when their government is stable.