UN to help Somali government evacuate Somalis from unstable countries

But, the question this short piece doesn’t answer is where are they going to evacuate the Somalis to—back to Somalia?  If so, does that mean Somalis are ready to go back and get their own country straightened out?  Or is this just one more of those exercises, paid for with the help of the US taxpayer, to move people around the globe?

From Mareeg Online:

MOGADISHU (Mareeg) – The transitional federal government of Somalia said the United Nations is to help the evacuation of Somalis in troubled and unstable countries in the Middle East and North African countries.

In an exclusive interview with Shabelle radio, Osman Mohammed Adam, the general director of Somalia’s foreign ministry said they are planning to evacuate Somali nationals from unstable nations like Yemen with the help of the UN agencies concerning refugees’ issues.

Mr. Adam disclosed before doing any step the ministry of foreign affairs will hold discussions with the Somali embassies in those countries.

He spelled out the government is committed to destitute Somali refugees in middle east and north African countries where violent protests still going on.

In the past, Somalis in Yemen started to return home after the situation has exacerbated.

UN refugee agency controlling European borders

Gradually the UNHCR, and its NGO buddies are telling sovereign countries in the European Union who they must admit across their borders.

Here is a little article from the UNHCR’s blog that I found interesting and am posting because I want to save it for future reference (beware USA):

Budapest, Hungary/Lyubimets, Bulgaria, June 9 (UNHCR) – “Crossing a border irregularly, is not a crime for a refugee”, explains UNHCR´s Regional Protection Officer Igor Ciobanu.

He is one of the speakers at the International Border Police Conference that brought together hundreds of border guards and experts in Budapest from 8 to 10 June. Ciobanu was not speaking about how to best control a border. “This is a perfectly legitimate concern of the States”, he says, “but there are not only economic migrants and smugglers entering countries irregularly. There are also people seeking asylum, and it is crucial that the border guards can handle their claims according to international standards.” Therefore, he explained in his presentation to the plenary in the Hungarian capital, “we as UN Refugee Agency do not leave border guards alone. Through training and constant cooperation we and non-governmental organizations can help them identify asylum seekers and help them get access to the asylum procedure”. Also victims of human trafficking or torture, women at risk, elderly refugees or unaccompanied minors deserved their special attention, stressed the UNHCR expert.

All this is coming to a head now as thousands escape Muslim countries in turmoil (including Obama’s war in Libya) and are looking to get to the West.