Reminder! Sign up to speak or send testimony to State Department

A couple of days ago I told you that the US State Department will be holding a meeting on May 1st in Arlington, Virginia to take testimony about how many refugees should be resettled in the US in 2013.  This is your chance to express your opinion on the matter.

Here is my post with all the details.   You have until April 24th to sign up to attend and/or speak.  You can send (via e-mail) a written statement by that date as well.

I think you will find the search function here at RRW pretty good, so if there is something you read here once and would like to get the source, please try the search function.  I reminded someone yesterday that we have a category on “crime” alone with 918 posts in it (note to critics, there are crimes against refugees posted there as well!).

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