El Cajon, CA officials in DC this week begging for help with refugee overload

…..they want $20 million from the federal government and a state of emergency declared for San Diego County to help them out with their refugee overload.

Feds:  It’s your problem now!

For those of you following the Refugee Resettlement program of the US State Department this news item from Fox News in El Cajon won’t come as a surprise. (Hat tip: a friend from Tennessee)

Here is the gist of the story.   Since 2005, the reporter tells us 15,000 refugees have come to San Diego County—the largest number are from Iraq, or more precisely Iraqis from somewhere in the Middle East.

Their federal resettlement contractors are the International Rescue Committee and Catholic Charities (no, you don’t say!)

There are no jobs (surprise!).

2000 refugees are on a waiting list to get English lessons. (no English=no jobs)

A local college wants to help, but an administrator says on tape that he is “surprised” the federal government has no sympathy for the community’s plight after it was the feds who brought such large numbers to San Diego County.

It is your problem now, say federal officials.

County officials have gone to Washington in search of $20 million of your tax dollars to bail out the beleaguered city.

Good luck with that!

Watch the film!

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