Australia again! Immigration the Trojan Horse for Jihadists

Since we talked about Australia yesterday, and about a new political party which seeks a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia, here, below are a couple of more bits of news from Down Under.

First see Ezra Levant and the Arab Underground  interview with Jonathan Halevi showing clips of Australian “radical Muslims” (Islamists) talking about spreading Islam through immigration.  (Hat tip: The Muslim Issue)

Then, see this report, about how much the taxpayers of Australia are paying to give “refugee” status to the illegal alien Muslims arriving on their shores.

The Australian immigration budget has increased by $1.3 billion over four years, as the government prepares to expand the humanitarian visa program to 20,000 each year.

A Senate estimates hearing on Monday was told the Immigration Department’s budget for humanitarian arrivals will rise by $150 million this year alone, accounting for about $24,000 for each person resettled in Australia under the expanded humanitarian program.

You can bet the Islamists are laughing their heads off at dumb infidels!   They are getting paid to invade!

Time to nag!  Don’t forget—read about Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration!

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