Senator Rand Paul: Did the meatpackers, hungering for cheap captive labor, get to him?

…..or was it Grover Norquist that got to him?

Oh brother, looks like we are having another invasion of the body snatchers moment.  Just when I thought there was someone speaking up for American workers besides NumbersUSA and Rush Limbaugh we learn that Paul has been snatched by big business interests.   (Imagine a conversation) Kentucky big meatpacker to Paul:  Get with the program boy if you want to move up!

Looks like Paul is singing a different tune now that he has Presidential aspirations compared to 2011 when he stood up to one of the leading LEGAL labor importing programs in the US—the Refugee Resettlement Program—when it imported two (now convicted) Iraqi refugee terrorists to work in the Kentucky meatpacking industry.

Read it all at Potomac Tea Party Report, here!


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