Syrian Islamist: Kill Buddhists in Burma!

The Religion of Peace directs us to this story at NOW News:

Jihadists don’t much like monks because monks are willing to stand-up for their religion. Note the “no OIC” on this banner—brave, very brave!
AP Photo/Khin Maung Win

Syrian Islamist have been attempting to smuggle Muslim extremists into Myanmar, a Syrian Islamist source told NOW.

According to the source, “many attempts have been made to send Jihadists to Myanmar for the sake of our brothers.”

“Contacts with Islamist groups in Pakistan, India and other surrounding countries are being made in order to facilitate their entry into Myanmar.”

The source, however, added that “these attempts have failed.” [so they say—ed]

Speaking to NOW, Salafist Sheikh Bilal al-Masri called on Muslims to attack Buddhists and their interests.

“I decree that every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him because they are killing our people and the Muslims cannot be blamed for their reaction.”

So why do we care?  We care because your local friendly Catholic Charities would like nothing better than to add more Rohingya Muslims from Burma (aka Myanmar) to their diversity-is-beautiful collection of refugees for your multi-culty edification.  And, we need to be informed about who we are “welcoming” in the next batch of poor and downtrodden Burmese just yearning for a better life.

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Related update:   Here is a report on those eight Buddhist fishermen beaten to death by Rohingya in a detention center in Indonesia.

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