We need more diversity from Kyrgyzstan, says Gang of Eight bill

Yesterday the Daily Caller alerted us to another section of the monster “comprehensive” immigration reform bill that relates to the already existent DIVERSITY Visa Lottery.  Yes, you have the right.  We have another LEGAL immigration program that brings in 50,000 or so “diverse” immigrants a year so that we assure what?—DIVERSITY in our immigrant populations.

We need to be sure we have a representative sample of people from Kyrgyzstan in America. Diversity is beautiful! Right?

Regular readers here may know that Virginia Republican, Robert Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has for years tried to kill this ridiculous fraud-ridden lottery.

Here is what the Daily Caller reports on the “reforms” to be made via the Gang of Eight bill to the Diversity Visa Lottery:

The Senate’s pending immigration bill would give an advantage to people seeking to immigrate from Kyrgyzstan, the former Soviet republic that provided passports to the two ethnic Chechens who allegedly bombed Boston.

As part of a compromise that would replace the current “Diversity Lottery” program, countries with low rates of immigration to the United Sates — including Kyrgyzstan and Russia — would be awarded five points.

The five-point bonus could have a significant influence on who gets to live among 310 million Americans, because only the top-scoring applicants in the bill’s new merit-based immigration system would be granted green cards.

This system would give a person with a Kyrgyzstan passport an advantage over otherwise equally qualified people from countries like Mexico, the United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil. Those countries do not qualify for the bonus because they send large numbers of people to the United States.

The same bonus is also offered to people from a series of unstable countries that are not covered by the Diversity Lottery, a State Dept. program that annually offers 55,000 green cards to people in countries that send few immigrants to the United States.

Those countries include Egypt, Libya, Somalia and Tunisia, as well as countries alongside the war-wrecked Chechen homeland in the Caucasus mountains.

We have resettled over 100,000 Somalis through Refugee Resettlement, so why are they allowed to participate in the Lottery?

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