House of Representatives holds hearing on flood in asylum claims at US border

Brenda Walker at Limits to Growth alerted us to a hearing yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee about the latest scammers at the border saying they have a “credible fear of persecution” in Mexico and want to make an asylum claim.  I couldn’t listen in, but Walker did.

Here is Walker:

On Thursday morning, the House Judiciary Committee took up the subject of Asylum Abuse: Is it Overwhelming our Borders?

For Democrats and other friends of victimhood, providing an abundant welcome for the hard-luck cases of the planet is job #1. The Dems consider a cushy reception to be far more important than public safety from hostile characters, ranging from Mexicans claiming a “credible fear” (who may be cartel members) to head-choppy jihadists from around the Muslim world. The point is that more people are gaming the system because they are often successful, and there is no penalty for attempting asylum fraud.

See Limits to Growth for links to the hearing.

Then this (below) about Chairman Goodlatte (a Boehner*** buddy or he wouldn’t be a committee chairman!) who we all know is looking for a way to get the legalization of the lawbreakers moving in his committee.

(Walker) They aren’t breaking in so they can vote in our elections!

Of course, any “legal status” that allows the aliens to get work permits and be free of worry about deportation is all the invaders care about. They didn’t break into the United States so they could vote in our elections.


You have to listen carefully when lawyers speak. Goodlatte likes to say he objects to a “special pathway” to citizenship for foreign lawbreakers, but legalization is negotiable.

All of our previous posts on the Mexican asylum scam are archived here.

*** Boehner wants an amnesty, here.

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