Australia would love for Cambodia to take some Australian asylum seekers

I’ve been remiss this past week in keeping up with the refugee problems facing other civilized countries because so much hot news has happened in the US.   Turning now to Australia:

Foreign minister Julie Bishop met with Cambodian prime minister in February.

You gotta hand it to the conservative government in Australia for coming up with creative ideas to stem the tide of illegal aliens trying to break into Australia.

It makes me laugh to think of the Middle Easteners trying to reach Australia by boat, and who want Australians to take care of them, to be sent to Cambodia!  They will be safe there and isn’t that what they want?

From ABC News:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he would welcome a decision by Cambodia to accept asylum seekers from Australia.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is in Cambodia, where he has held talks with the country’s interior minister to follow up on an earlier request for the country to help resettle asylum seekers.

In February, the Cambodian government revealed that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had asked their country to accept some asylum seekers.

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Hey, here is an idea!  Since Mexico is the 14th largest economy (by GDP out of 193 countries in 2012) in the world, let’s ask Mexico to take some of the tens of thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ who arrive on our borders!



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