Little Mogadishu update: Somali refugee tweeted death threat against US Attorney General

Gee, is that Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch he wants to “whack?”

Little Mogadishu is of course Minneapolis!

Mahamed Abukar Said, 19: “Ima whack that us attorney general.”

Don’t miss it!  Also, on Friday Rep. Keith Ellison went to the Somali neighborhood to calm the youths! (Here)

I wish I knew all this excitement was going on when I was in the neighborhood on Friday!

This is a story about a friend of the six (latest batch) terrorists charged with planning to join ISIS so they could participate in killing for Allah.   He also tweeted the photo of the FBI’s confidential informant.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

A man who made death threats on Twitter against federal law enforcement officials in connection with the case against six Minneapolis men accused of trying to join ISIL now faces federal charges of his own.

Mahamed Abukar Said, 19, was charged Friday with two criminal counts for threatening “to assault and murder a federal law enforcement officer.”

According to the criminal complaints, he tweeted a photo of the government’s confidential informant in the case against the six defendants accused of conspiring to join ISIL. He also threatened federal prosecutors with a “massacre,” investigators allege.

Included in the federal complaint were copies of Said’s alleged tweets, including one that said, “Ima whack that us attorney general.”

The criminal complaint said that Said lives in Minneapolis with relatives, “attends school, and is on probationary supervision in Hennepin County for a fifth-degree controlled substance offense.”

Said appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven Rau, who signed the complaint, filed and also signed by FBI Special Agent Michael Iverson.

The charges note that in addition to a threat to kill the U.S. Attorney General, Said added, “The Feds are getting two choices. Either they gon free my bros or they gon have a massacre happen then they gon take me too.”

There is more, read it all here.

Wow! Isn’t diversity beautiful!

Wake up Minnesota! You paid to raise this punk and his friends!

Tell the church resettlement contractors to stop bringing refugees like these charmers to the state!  And, everybody reading this should tell your Members of Congress, US Senators, and Presidential candidates to STOP the resettlement of Somalis to America!  They are not our problem and we are presently bringing in between 800 and 900 a MONTH!

Invasion of Europe news: Pope’s life in danger as 18 arrested in foiled terror plot; believed to have entered Europe as refugees

So just as the Catholic Church is helping to pour tens of thousands of Muslim refugees into US towns and cities, and as the Pope himself welcomed them to Italy in 2013, here, we have news that (surprise!) some “refugees” want to kill the Pope!

From Israel National News.  Hat tip: Frank at It’s all about Muhammad:

Report: Italian Police Foil Al Qaeda Attack on Vatican

The Pope “welcomed” refugees to the Italian island of Lampedusa in 2013; lectured residents to be more welcoming.


Arrests of 18 suspects prevented suicide bombing at the heart of Catholicism, police reveal.

Police raids in Italy may have been targeting 18 Al Qaeda-linked suspects who were planning an attack on the Vatican, a state prosecutor revealed Friday.

Chief Prosecutor Mauro Mura revealed to Reuters that the suspects had been planning a bomb attack at the Catholic spiritual center and that a suicide bomber had arrived in Rome.

Wiretaps revealed suspicions of a “big jihad in Italy,” the police officer in charge of the raids, Mario Carta, added.

All of the suspects are Pakistani or Afghani; the cell was based on the island of Sardinia. Two of the suspects were allegedly bodyguards to Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, before his death in 2011, police say.

The terror cell entered Italy via smuggling or by posing as refugees; some were then sent to other cities in northern Europe to carry out attacks.

For more on the Invasion of Europe, see our extensive archive by clicking here.

Houston, TX: “Dazzling diversity” turns red states blue

This is one of those warm and fuzzy stories telling us about the joys of diversity in the midst of cowboy country.  Frankly, it made me think it might already be too late to save our conservative values and American way of life.  The newcomers are going to want their stuff, their government services, and the Democrats will be right there to give it to them.  Why would any of them vote Republican? But, of course that is why our Republican leadership is looking more and more like Democrats these days!

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is a leader in turning a red state blue.

By the way, Texas is the Number One state in the nation for refugee resettlement.

From the Houston Chronicle.  Hat tip: Diane.  Emphasis is mine.

This is a city of contrasts. It is a hub of first-rate medical institutions with almost one-fourth of its population uninsured. One of the nation’s most ethnically mixed metro areas and, at the same time, one of its most economically segregated. Routinely ranked top in the country for job growth, with a school system where 80 percent of students are disadvantaged.

An amalgam of promise and pitfalls.

It is also a region of dazzling diversity – and becoming more so every day.

More than 1 million immigrants – nearly one of every four residents – call Harris County and the surrounding 10-county metro area home.

From 2000 to 2010, Houston gained 400,000 foreign-born residents, more than any other U.S. city except New York. Last year, the county received 4,818 refugees from 40 different countries, the most of any county in Texas.

The newcomers have done more than shift our demographics. They have created a metropolis where one-third of business owners are foreign-born, where the number of Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus has tripled in the last three decades, where more than 100 languages are spoken by students attending Houston public schools.

Even in a nation where the number of immigrants has doubled since 1990, the Houston area stands apart.

So who is helping turn red states blue? 

Four of the six US State Department resettlement contractors working in Houston represent the ‘religious’ Left and are divvying up the large and lucrative flow of refugees to Houston.  From our handy list of contractors changing your towns and cities:

CWS (Church World Service)
TX-CWS-01: Interfaith Ministries For Greater Houston
Address: 3303 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002-9322
Phone: 713-533-4940

DFMS (Episcopal Migration Ministries with its new name change)
TX-DFMS-01: Interfaith Ministries Of Greater Houston
Address: 3303 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 713-533-4940

ECDC (Ethiopian Community Development Council)
TX-ECDC-01: Alliance For Multicultural Community Services
Address: 6440 Hillcroft, Ste 411
Houston, TX 77081
Phone: 713-776-4700

LIRS (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service)
TX-LIRS-06: Refugee Services Of Texas, Inc
Address: 6065 Hillcroft St, Suite 513
Houston, TX 77081
Phone: 713-644-6224

USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)
TX-USCCB-07: Catholic Charities
Address: 2900 Louisiana St. Po Box 66508
Houston, TX 77266
Phone: 713 874-6530

USCRI (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants)
TX-USCRI-01: YMCA International Services
Address: 6300 West Park,Ste 600
Houston, TX 77057-7220
Phone: 713-339-9015

For a little deeper study, I selected Catholic Charities.  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops settles the largest number of refugees in the US and they are also in your pockets for the care of ‘unaccompanied alien children.’

Looking at a recent Form 990 for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston we learn that they had a gifts and grants flow of $25,525,040 and they fed off the government trough to the tune of $16,463,451.  I also hoped to find the salaries for their key employees but those pages were blank!

What can you do?  Find out exactly what these Houston refugee contractors are telling the feds about the amenities Houston offers refugees by asking for their abstracts—ask for abstracts going back for five consecutive years.  What is an ‘abstract?’ Go here to learn more about this important document.

It is Sunday morning, ask your local Priest if he believes the Catholic Church should be taking millions and millions of dollars from the federal treasury.  Ask if that is Christian charity?