Others, including Allen West, pick up Nashville schools to teach Arabic

I love to see stories we have posted here at RRW go out to even broader audiences. Be sure to see Daniel Horowitz writing at Conservative Review yesterday to see one such story.  Another is this one about Nashville public schools announcing that Arabic will be taught in 6 schools there in the next school year.

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See our Nashville story, here, which received thousands of hits in one 24 hour period last week.
From former Congressman Allen West who asks some very good questions:

…. the schools were chosen because there’s a high number of native Arabic speakers in the neighborhood. Why exactly do they need Arabic lessons? Wouldn’t English be more appropriate?

And why is it the public school’s role to help keep students “connected to their native culture?” I thought that was their parents’ role. But I’m old fashioned that way.

I thought the purpose of the American public school system was to keep Americans connected to their American culture. But I guess I’m old fashioned that way too.

Now perhaps none of this is cause for any sort of concern whatsoever, except if you dig a little bit, you’ll find an awful lot of imams in Tennessee with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

How can you help, especially if you live in Tennessee?  Go here to the ‘tn council for political justice’ and see what you can do!
By the way, we have an extensive archive, in fact a special category just on Nashville’ one of the hottest refugee resettlement sites in the nation that has also become a well-developed “pocket of resistance.”

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