Propaganda campaign to bring 65,000 Syrians to your towns heating up!

Somehow I must make everyone of you understand how critical this is right now.
The refugee resettlement contractors, the humanitarian industrial complex, the United Nations and 14 US Senators (the Jihad Caucus!) are working day and night to tell the world that America is bad because we have not opened the floodgates to tens of thousands of UN-chosen, mostly Sunni Muslim refugees!

Director Human Rights First: We want 65,000 Syrians admitted to the US NOW! The fact that the US has not started the flow in a big way is a huge embarrassment to the “humanitarians” and to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Here is one more story, this time at IRIN (a “humanitarian” news outlet connected to the UN) entitled: ‘How US is failing Syrian refugees.’

Human rights groups, members of Congress and city planners are among those trying to persuade President Barack Obama to allow more Syrians to settle here. However, security concerns, anti-immigration sentiment and bureaucratic hurdles all stand in the way.

It has taken the world a long time to acknowledge that most of the 12 million Syrians displaced – inside and outside their country – by the five-year civil war will not be going home anytime soon. Neighbours Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey have absorbed nearly four million Syrians between them. Other countries have been slower to step up to the plate, particularly in terms of pledging to take some of the 88,000 Syrian refugees allocated for resettlement by the UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR.

Twenty-eight countries have so far agreed to take in 62,000 of them – with Germany taking nearly half.

These are phony baloney numbers.  I’ve been watching the European situation and there is a lot of talk about Germany accepting tens of thousands of Syrians, but it has not happened!   And, besides, Germany says it isn’t going to take them permanently, as we do, but wants them to return to Syria at some point in the future.

Also, the UN wants some countries, especially the US, to start the flow in a big way so they can guilt-trip other countries into following suit.  It is important that you help stop this madness!

The US has not committed to a specific number, but Larry Yungk, senior resettlement officer with UNHCR in Washington, said it is expected to take in only 35 percent of the 13,000 individual cases submitted for consideration by his agency. The protracted US security clearance process, which involves additional checks for Syrians, means it is likely to be at least another two years before the refugees set foot on American soil.

“This is just too little and too slow for a country that should be a global leader,” said Eleanor Acer, from Human Rights First, which is advocating for the US to take in 65,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016.

Read it all.

The article goes on to promote that dumb idea of bringing 50,000 Syrians to re-populate Detroit!

I don’t care how hopeless your representatives in Washington may be, but please, please express your concerns to them!

Please everyone reading this, call your Member of Congress and Senators starting today and continue next week.  Tell them NO—do not admit Syrian Muslim refugees who will, of course, be planted in your towns and cities across the entire country!

See my latest Youtube video and send it to everyone you know. It is short and explains to Americans what they need to do and why.


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