Montanans FOR Muslim migration to the state rallied yesterday

In Missoula, at the “anti-hate” rally they heard from a Muslim man who has lived in the state for 20 years who said—too bad to those who oppose the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, “We’re already here.”
The pro-Muslim refugee rally was held to respond to huge turnouts, by those questioning the economic and social costs the Refugee Program would bring Montana citizens and taxpayers, like this one in Kalispell last week.

Mayor of Missoula
Missoula Mayor John Engen welcomes refugees to Montana because his mom was a Norwegian immigrant!

From The Missoulian:

“I just would like to say as-salaam-alaikum, which in Arabic means ‘peace be with you’,” he said. “It’s a greeting which is said by six million Muslims in America and 1.6 billion people across the world. So whether you are Arab, Indonesian, Pakistani, Somali, whatever, we all say the same greeting. I have lived in America for 25 years. I refer you to one of the signs I saw that said ‘No entry to Muslims in Montana’. It’s too late. We’re already here.”

Missoula’s mayor, John Engen, spoke in support of Syrian Muslim refugee resettlement to the state and said he was the son of a Norwegian woman right “off the boat.”
News accounts don’t indicate that the Mayor had any concerns for the cost of the program to the city and state, but focused solely on an emotional  appeal about his immigrant roots.
Hmmm! I wondered if he has any clue about what is going on in Norway at the moment with the massive Muslim tide washing over Scandinavia.

My mother’s parents were off the boat,” he said. “And I’m separated by a generation of people who were off the boat. So many of us are separated by very little. And we have more in common than we imagine. And as we gather in a place like Caras Park on the first of March, we recognize that we have far more in common that we have that separates us.”

Maybe some good citizens of the state should send the mayor news stories from Norway.  Search for Norway and refugees and make sure Mayor Engen is enlightened about what is happening there as the good-hearted Norwegians discover the monster they have created.  Right at the top of the list as I google-searched just now is this story about refugees raping three-year-old boy.  Click here.
Hint! Middle Eastern and African refugees are not like Norwegians!
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Endnote:  Do you know who represents you?  A reader sent me this handy link so that you can find out who you should be contacting to let those elected officials know what you think.  Enter your zip code or address and presto! you will have the list with contact information.

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