For a chuckle: Canadian says she will 'welcome' Trump refugees, but not the thousands of Syrian Muslims

I’m surprised the LA Times even published this woman’s remarks when asked how she felt about all those Americans who say they will move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president.
Here is Elaine….

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They think if they say it over and over again it will be true!

Elaine Munro, 62, is a retail customer service clerk in Almonte, just outside Ottawa.

“I would rather have a bunch of Americans than all of these Muslims [the Canadian government is] bringing in,” she said. “I am totally against that. They’re taking jobs that Canadians have. The [Canadian] government is setting them up better than how Canadians are being looked after. Healthcare is being overrun by [Syrian refugees].”

Readers here know that boy Trudeau promised Canada would take 25,000 Syrians within a few months of his election as prime minister and sure enough he has (much to the consternation of Canadians like Elaine).
Thousands are living in hotels (on the taxpayers’ dime) throughout Canada as the country doesn’t have an adequate supply of housing especially for large families.
Trudeau will be “on the hot seat” in a 60 Minutes interview to be aired Sunday evening, for more click here.
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