Testimony to the US State Department from Kathy in Illinois

The deadline to send in testimony was yesterday at 5 p.m. but we will continue to post your testimonies (a few a day) until I’ve exhausted my long list.  There are a few of you who, let’s just say, didn’t restrain your passion and I may edit some words that are ones we wouldn’t publish here as a general principle.
I’m posting the comments you sent in to the State Department because I don’t want them to be lost down the black hole, since the State Department continues to refuse to make them part of a public record.  Where is Congress on that?
Here is Kathy who echoes some of what Brenda Walker said here about Europe:

Dear Mr Simon Henshaw, and the Bureau of Population,Refugees, and Migration,

refugee advocates Illinois
Illinois has a very aggressive (progressive!) immigrant and refugee ‘rights’ group and here they are demanding more Syrians be placed in the state. http://www.progressillinois.com/posts/content/2015/11/20/syrian-refugee-advocates-meet-rauner-administration-call-acceptance

I am sending testimony today because I am extremely concerned with the proposals I’ve heard to bring tens of thousands of “Syrian” refugees to this country. I live in Illinois and have no idea where or how many refugees have been or will be placed in our communities. There is no communication to the general public. I read about these placements after the fact in articles on the Internet. The citizens of this country must be better informed and given a voice in these decisions.

My concerns are the cost to the citizens of this country who are already overburdened by taxes, the loss of jobs, many are underemployed or unemployed, & do not understand how our government can overlook their needs for those coming here from other countries. Also, as I see what is happening in Germany, Sweden, and the U.K. to name a few, the danger of terrorists entering our country is very real. They have the means to produce fabricated passports, papers, etc to infiltrate the refugee population and enter our country with intent of causing mayhem and death.

In closing, I am asking that consideration be given to placing a stop on this program and from here on in giving the citizens of this country the proper consideration to decide what’s best for our communities and our country.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

This is the twelfth testimony in our series leading up to the deadline for testimony at 5 p.m. yesterday, May 19th.  Go here for where they are archived to see what your fellow citizens have said.

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