Arabic continues to be the number one language spoken by refugees admitted to US

See Clinton EO here:

While I was data-diving at Wrapsnet just now I thought it would be useful to let you know about the languages your school districts (hospitals, criminal justice systems, etc.) must cope with since you (local taxpayers) are required to provide interpreters at your expense.

Maybe President Trump should revisit the Clinton EO on the subject. 

Trump should trash it too! Or, another option is to require the federal government to reimburse local governments/private hospitals etc. for the cost and thus force Congress to face the issue!
Gradually the feds have, across the board, dumped the cost of refugee resettlement on state and local governments, time for that to stop!
Here (at Wrapsnet) are the top ten languages through the first 3 months of FY2017.
Dear ‘Welcoming’ communities, are you ready to provide costly interpreters in these and dozens of other languages and dialects?

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