News roundup February 8, 2017

Editor:  Because the issue continues to be hot (and I’m getting so many new readers)—swamped with e-mails, facebook messages, phone calls to return, media requests to respond to, and comments to posts etc.—I am taking some time today to clean up my mess.
Update: LOL! I am reading e-mails including hate mail.  One, who hates Trump and me, sent his screed with one of those privacy notices at the bottom and reminded me that I was not permitted to post it.  What a chicken!
The number of articles involving refugees is exploding!  Here are just some from the last day or so for your reading ‘pleasure.’
And, btw, a request for information from a grassroots activist reminds me to remind you to see ‘FAQs! Finding stuff’ at the top of this page, click here.  You can find a link to your state refugee coordinators, contact information for your city’s refugee resettlement contractors, and a link to a post about ‘ten things town needs to know’ among other useful information.
To all of my new readers, you might want to use our search window and enter your state’s name to see what we have written about it over the years.  Also, if you want to see everything I have said on the Trump EO, see my category Trump Watch! by clicking here.  My statement to reporters is here.

Below are ten articles, in no particular order of importance, to see today!  (I may add to this list as the day goes on!)

Judicial watch files suit for refugee travel loans

Sen. Tom Cotton: Time to Cut Immigration Levels, Shift Focus to Helping American Citizens First

EU blocks refugees from Libya, somehow Trump is attacked

Expert: Refugee ‘Chain Migration’ Puts Foreign Labor First

Nonprofits Formally Take Over Federal Refugee Program in Texas

Another 22 refugees brave cold to illegally cross U.S.-Manitoba border

Fake news on Christian ‘refugee’ numbers

Trump proven right: Media spinning terror stories

100 Syrian Refugees Rush into Country After Seattle Judge Halts Trump Executive Order

White House Weighs Terrorist Designation for Muslim Brotherhood


Travel ban could mean layoffs for Lancaster, PA Church World Service

Christian Churches work to increase refugee resettlement in Arkansas

Refugee Resettlement Fraud Part IV: Refugee Vetting And The Trump EO

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