Tucker to World Relief Prez: How can you claim it is Christian charity when you take millions from taxpayers?

Tucker Carlson once again interviews one of the bigwigs in the refugee industry—the President of World Relief, Scott Arbeiter—that recently announced it would close some offices around the country as their federal funding begins to dry up.
Here is another of many posts we have on World Relief (Corporation of National Association of Evangelicals).
No time to say more, see Carlson here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lfCv0eQX6c ) and below:
See our Carlson archive here.  And our complete World Relief archive is here.
BTW, Arbeiter claims they are only doing what the government asks them to do.  Then why bitch when the government (under Trump) tells them it is time to stop (or slow) what they have been doing for almost 40 years?
These federal resettlement contractors have to go, I have ideas on how to run a small refugee program without them!

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