Media "fact checks" Senator who said more than half of Muslims in Australia are not in the labor force

Don’t you just love it when the Left leaning media pounces on a number given by a Senator they obviously despise, does a “fact check,” proclaims him “wrong” in a headline and proceeds then to reveal some facts to show that he was pretty darn close when he said 56% of Australian Muslims are not in the labor force.
Here is the story at ABC News Australia with some very interesting facts about the pathetic numbers of Muslims working in that country.  Conclusion: Muslim women (home cranking out babies) are dragging their numbers down!

It is demographics stupid….
Digressing for a minute, I never did get a chance last week to post this news from Hungary where the government there is making it a priority to urge women of Hungarian ethnicity to have more children.  It is about demographics dear readers! These Muslims in Australia get it! And, if infidels pay for their needs, through their welfare systems, all the better!
ABC News headline:

Fact check: Are more than half of Australia’s working-age Muslims not in the workforce?

Australian senator
How many readers got past this photo at the top of the “fact check?”

The claim

Independent Senator Fraser Anning has frequently used Twitter to campaign against those migrants and asylum seekers he claims come to Australia “for a life of permanent handouts”.

Senator Anning, who represented Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party until January 2018, has also praised Turnbull Government plans to tighten eligibility for welfare payments for recently-arrived migrants.

The Government has legislation before Parliament which would extend the waiting period for various welfare payments to migrants from two years to three years, while proposing to extend this to four years in the 2018 budget.


Screenshot (485)
The tweet that started it all!

Fact Check analysed data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), which economics professor John Quiggin, of the University of Queensland, then verified.

The analysis showed 43 per cent of working-age Muslims were not in the labour force — significantly less than the figure of 56 per cent cited by Senator Anning.

It also revealed that the high Muslim non-participation rate — which compares to a national working-age non-participation rate of 24 per cent — is almost entirely due to the large number of Muslim women who are not working.


Where did Senator Anning’s incorrect number come from?

Asked for the basis of his claim, Senator Anning’s media spokesman, Boston White, referred Fact Check to an opinion piece by economist Henry Ergas, published in The Australian on September 14, 2015.

In the column, Mr Ergas raised concerns about the religious composition of Australia’s refugee intake. At the time, the Government had expanded its humanitarian intake by 12,000 places to accommodate refugees from Syria.

Mr Ergas argued that Middle Eastern Muslim refugees found it difficult to integrate harmoniously into Australia’s economy and society because they brought with them religious hatreds.

In this context, he stated that “56 per cent of Australia’s working-age Muslims [are] either unemployed or not in the labour force”.

ABC criticizes the Senator for using outdated economic information.
But see the graph ABC created (below), in fact checking the Senator!  A whopping 43% of Muslims are not in the work force, a figure way above the average Australian’s non-participation rate of 24%.
I suspect most readers won’t have gotten past the photo at the top with the big red “wrong” stamped below it.
The Senator should go back and retweet his tweet and put the 43% in it! 43% is bad enough!
Screenshot (486)
ABC continues to explain why the rate is so high for Muslims.
It is because the women stay home having babies and besides it has nothing to do with their religion! What the heck!

Referring to a 2005 UK study, Ms Cook wrote: “Religious beliefs may have a significant impact on the employment prospects of Muslims living in Western countries.”

The UK study of mostly Muslim jobseekers indicated they were not prepared to work in some or all of the following situations:

Places where alcohol was sold;
Gambling establishments, or places in which the accrual of interest was promoted;
Places where they were required to handle non-halal meat;
Places where there was no time or suitable place to pray.

There were further restrictions for some Muslim women relating to:

Observing hijab;
Wanting to work in an all-female workplace;
Not being prepared to work at night or in jobs that involved meeting the public;
Islamic rituals, such as observing Muslim holidays and restrictions on shaking hands.

In her paper, Ms Cook said Australian Muslim women expressed a preference for Muslim-run childcare services [Like in Minnesota where they can further milk the taxpayers—ed] and some had experienced pressure from their family to remain at home, with priority placed on caring for children or elderly relatives, rather than participating in the labour force.

In Australia, the highest female non-participation rates are among Muslims and Buddhists. Professor Quiggin noted that this most likely reflected cultural attitudes rather than specifically religious differences.

So is ABC saying the bottomline is that since their beliefs keep them from many types of jobs, there should be no complaints from conservative senators about their use of welfare; and that welcoming more Muslims to place on the Australian welfare system is sound public policy.
There is more here.  Enjoy the nitpicking!

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