Just So You Know! There is No Muslim Ban

Muslim refugees from 35 countries arrived in the US this fiscal year!

Granted fewer Muslims are entering the US right now as refugees compared to when Obama was in office, but yesterday I checked the data for this fiscal year (the one that is ending this coming Monday night) and was surprised at the great ethnic diversity of refugees from 35 countries representing several sects of Islam we have ‘welcomed’ this year.

Find the whole report here: http://www.rcusa.org/report

What got me interested in checking the data maintained by the Refugee Processing Center was a report released in June by the lobbying arm of the refugee industry—the Refugee Council USA.

It’s one of those reports meant to draw media attention to—you guessed it—that meany Donald Trump.

By the way, the Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) is a consortium of twenty plus Open Borders groups that includes the nine federal contractors and the Muslim charity Islamic Relief USA, see here.  

RCUSA has a lobbying office in Washington, DC and their finances are handled by Church World Service.

On page 8 of the report, they published a chart that caught my eye.  They want to show how few Muslims the Trump Administration is admitting to the US compared to the huge numbers Obama admitted.

Here it is.  FY16 is definitely Obama, but FY17 was already underway when Trump moved into the White House.  FY18 is, of course, Trump’s, and the numbers for FY19 are only up to June (8 months of FY19).

(These are just the refugee numbers and do not include all of the other programs that admit immigrants to America.)

Even I was surprised at the huge number of especially Syrian Muslims admitted in Obama’s last full year!

But, their chart doesn’t tell the whole story!

First their column for FY19 through today is updated here:

Egypt 4

Iran 31 (no explanation for the discrepancy, I found 31)

Iraq 353

Libya 0

Mali 3

Somalia 230

Sudan 220

Syria 503

and Yemen 3

Okay, still not a lot you say.  But, surely enough to prove there is no Muslim ban!

However, there is more.  We admitted Muslim refugees from 35 different countries (not just the eight or so singled out by RCUSA).

In addition to those above:

Afghanistan came in at number one with 1,113, then Burma Rohingya (931), DR Congo (519), Eritrea (343), Central African Republic (165), Pakistan (78) and dozens more with smaller numbers for each.

The grand total of Muslim refugees admitted in FY19 up to yesterday is 4,759!



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  1. I hope you’re not happy there is no Muslim ban. I predict when Trump is gone the next President will reverse this and our Homeland Security will watch and keep us all feeling safe.

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