Handy Chart on Obama vs. Trump Refugee Admissions

I have a category here at RRW entitled ‘Where to find information’ and I am placing this short post there for your future reference.

I’ve become sick and tired of hearing, via uninformed media, that Obama admitted 100,000 refugees a year during his presidency.

He did not. 

According to the Refugee Processing Center:

In only one year did he set a CAP (CEILING) in excess of 100,000 and he set that in September 2016 during the waning months of his Presidency—either anticipating that Hillary was coming in to ‘welcome’ that many, or in the case of a Trump win, he was setting Trump up to look mean and unwelcoming.

Obama could have set a 100,000+ CAP in any of the previous years, why didn’t he?

Note also that Obama didn’t admit near his ceilings in several years of his time in office.

Whatever deception Obama (his State Department!) was trying to pull, please keep this chart handy because when the new numbers are recorded at the end of this month, that 2009 year will drop from the chart.

Note the ‘Ceiling’ column vs. the ‘to the US’ column which is the number that actually were admitted.


If you see a news report in a local paper about how Obama admitted 100,000 refugees a year, be sure to tell the reporter/editor to get their facts straight!

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