Minnesota: Somali ‘Community’ Rallies Around Mom as Social Services Removes Kids

Diversity is beautiful alert!

Read the story and tell me what jumps out at you!

From the Sahan Journal:

(emphasis is mine)

A northwestern Minnesota county removed a Somali mother’s kids. Somalis want to know why.

Somalis in Minnesota and the world are watching the case of an East Grand Forks mother whose children were removed by child protective services. Somali community members believe she’s being treated unfairly, but the facts are not black and white.

Nimo Khalif, 33, mother of six surrounded by supporters outside of the Polk County Court House.

CROOKSTON, Minn. — More than 100 Somali people packed the hallways of the Polk County Courthouse Monday, praying and then pressing officials to explain why the six children of a Somali mother had been taken away from her.

Nimo Khalif, 33, a widow who came to America from a refugee camp in Kenya in late 2014, had been raising the children ages 10 months to 16 years alone in East Grand Forks. Suddenly, the kids were in the custody of Polk County child protective services.

A distraught Nimo posted a video pleading in Somali for help. She said she wasn’t told why the children, ages 10 months to 16 years old, were removed and didn’t know what to do. Later, she would describe it as a “kidnapping.”

The Somali community across Minnesota responded. The widely shared video helped deliver supporters to the courthouse Monday, including many who drove nearly five hours from the Twin Cities. [Who helped her create her video to disparage America?—ed]

They left without answers. It turns out the case is more complicated than those responding to Nimo’s pleas might have realized. While concerns remain in the Somali community that Nimo’s being treated differently because she’s Somali, the facts are not yet black and white.

Polk County is five hours from the heart of Little Mogadishu (Minneapolis).

It began when one of Nimo’s daughters allegedly told a teacher in an email that she did not feel safe at home and was afraid to live with her mother.


The case has reverberated across Minnesota and the world. Somali National TV sent a reporter to cover the hearing. The video it posted on Facebook has nearly 150,000 views.

Somali community members who know Nimo said they couldn’t understand how she suddenly lost custody of her children.

Nimo strived to make sure her children were successful in their academic and Islamic education, said Abdirizak Duale, chair of Al-Huda Islamic Center of East Grand Forks.


Nimo, 33, works as a teacher’s assistant at Central Middle School, the same school where two of her daughters were taken into protective custody. She remains an employee of the district and has not been put on leave.

She said her husband, the children’s father, died 10 months ago in Uganda, leaving her to raise their children in far northwestern Minnesota without immediate family nearby.

There are many more details and photos, here.

So now tell me, what jumped out at you? 

Was it the fact that she, a “widow,” was resettled in Minnesota, or so we were told in 2014, lives alone struggling to raise six children on a low wage job (surely with the help of MN welfare), but now has a 10-month-old.

Where is the baby-daddy? 

Why isn’t he helping the family? Or, is it possible that the refugee mom traveled back to where she ‘escaped’ from, Africa, 19 months ago for a conjugal visit with her ‘husband’ who is now conveniently dead.

The next time someone tells you that refugees don’t cost state and county taxpayers anything, remember this story.

Nimo Khalif  and her brood will cost plenty—kids’ education, courts, social services, food stamps, housing assistance, medical care!  And what does Polk County and America get other than worldwide criticism?

By the way, anyone seen CAIR Minnesota riding to her rescue?

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12 thoughts on “Minnesota: Somali ‘Community’ Rallies Around Mom as Social Services Removes Kids

  1. Who gave birth to the 10 month old child? One of Nimo’s daughters alerted the school say she felt unsafe at home… Is the child Nimo’s or…

  2. I have relatives living in Minneapolis. We get stories first hand about this plaque that’s smothering them. Seems our government is so intent of focusing on the South West very little is exposed to the happenings the N.E. U.S.A. One of these days the rest of the country will wake up to what’s happening but by then it will be too late.

  3. “”The next time someone tells you that refugees don’t cost state and county taxpayers anything,”

    …just take a drive down to your local social services office and spend a few hours observing.
    PS don’t forget your local court houses. Both places are highly educational.

  4. Actually, I think the presence of the children’s actual African “dad” (“Sperm Contributor”?) here would be an economic detriment to the mother, threatening her no doubt lavish Minnesota welfare support, since he could potentially be considered part of the economic solution, and not the problem. And how much easier, in any event, for the bureaucracy to sympathize with and take care of fatherless half-orphans, than to help a nuclear family.

    But what jumped out at me first was the complete absence, through the first eleven paragraphs, of any discussion of the real reason the government took that action. In today’s news reports the actual facts are irrelevant: all that matters is the social media reaction, and the incorrigible fist of Social Justice slamming down.

  5. Why didn’t Kenya resettle this woman and here children? I like what Israel does with refugees. They offer them to stay in a re-settlement camp until things are better in their home country, or they can just go back. What about other African countries? Why does she have to come all the way to the United States. Who paid for their expensive air transportation here? Refugee’s are suppose to return to their original country when things get better. Why aren’t there some these people going back home? We still have Haitian refugee’s here from the 2010 earthquake, are they ever going back? When will this country stop having to wear a “Kick Me” sign on our backside.

    1. We have brought more than 100,000 Somalis to the US, many from the UN camp in Kenya, for decades (early ’90s they started arriving). You must be new to RRW!

  6. I live in the madhouse called Minnesota.

    And we now have a Catholic Priest in Lonsdale, Minnesota, being raked over the coals for simply telling the truth about this ‘Threat’ called Islam and this horrible and systemic anti-civilization BEHAVIOR..

    Beyond that, I have no words..

    Minnesota is unrecoverable now..

  7. PS…

    Secondary migration from other US States, for FREE STUFF, more MN DHS assets to steal and scam, coupled with ABSOLUTE COVER AND PROTECTION from any scrutiny, by MN AG Ellison, MN Gov Walz, CAIR Minnesota, and others, is burying this political zoo in crime, violence, and red ink.

    This place will be a productive class ghost town in 5 years or less if this keeps up..

    CAIR Minnesota’s Jaylani Hussein dislikes me intensly. Why? Because I ask tough but respectful questions, film his incendiary presentations, and see him for the huckster and race-baiting grifter, which he is. MN AG Keith Ellison is in ‘on the take’ here as well. He also runs from my camera and questions, per his ‘Shame & Blame Minnesota’ touring presentations. ..What a disgrace..

    I asked a radio talk show person a question a couple of years ago. Since I used to host my own talk show program for 8 years, I expected better of him..

    The Question: Please show me anywhere on the planet, where this cultural colonization from Muslim countries, which never assimilate, into Western society, is working. He lost it with me and began screaming – live – and on air. Reason? There is no such place.

    Since I have been to the ‘No-Go-Zone’ in Paris personally, and because of my skin tone (Hispanic), I could walk among st the community, and get away with it, and come out alive. There is a reason why they have labeled such places accordingly. Parisian police do not even venture into these places. …And, that was 1999.. Today, the entire city is a war zone..

    I have lived, and traveled overseas extensively. There are many places, which are so saturated with this brutal and barbaric political ideology, masquerading as a ‘religion of peace’, that the average naive Minnesotan would not last ten minutes on their streets TODAY.. ..even in European streets and enclaves completely controlled by this culture now.

    The last Saturday night of the Minnesota State Fair, there was a 50 person gang related series of brawls – with guns – inside the State Fair Grounds, which almost shut the Fair down – from 6:30 PM to closing. The year before, it was a 100 person gang related brawl at Valley Fair, which did shut down the Park, requiring 6 police departments, MN State Troopers and a police helicopter to evacuate 15,000 people, including my daughter, son-in-law, and my 2 grandchildren. …ALL, Somali community related.. All of it..

    There is no form of group hug – or ‘welcoming community’ embrace, that will solve this growing problem. While you may mean well, what is being taught in their homes, their insular communities, and their ‘Sharia’ compliant places of worship, controls all of this brutal BEHAVIOR, and is being acted out daily on our Minnesota streets as a result.

    The scammers and the ‘we are the perpetual victims’ mongers are everywhere. ..Now, in Grand Forks, Minnesota. They’re at it again.. ..And, they are getting away with it.. again..

  8. Here we go again.. Scammers, crooks, and con artists united.. Same MO – different day, that’s all..

    And, this has nothing to do with skin tone, or some ‘religiosity’ nonsense. It is ALL about horrible and ant-civilized society BEHAVIOR..

    Minnesotans are so voluntarily moronic..

    Cry me a river CAIR..

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