Bangladesh: First Chinese Virus Death Reported in World’s Largest Refugee Camp

As I said a couple of days ago, I know you have more important things on your mind, but I did say I would follow closely the long-predicted “carnage” coming to refugee camps where thousands upon thousands of people are packed cheek by jowl in camps like the one at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

The breathless news was reported by several outlets within the last 24 hours. One gets the feeling that the international media can’t wait to report on “catastrophe” befalling the “vulnerable.”  (But, if they could only find a way to blame Donald Trump!)

Here is the headline at Reuters:

RPT-UPDATE 2-First Rohingya refugee dies from coronavirus in Bangladesh camps

DHAKA, June 2 (Reuters) – An elderly Rohingya refugee has become the first person to die from coronavirus in the world’s largest refugee settlement in Bangladesh, where there are fears the disease could spread fast due to overcrowding.

The 71-year-old man died on May 31 while undergoing treatment at an isolation centre at the camps where over a million Rohingya live, said Bimal Chakma, a senior official of the government’s Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commission.

“Today we got the confirmation that he tested positive for COVID-19,” he told Reuters by telephone.

Note that he died from something prior to being tested for the Chinese virus.

Reuters goes on to report that there are now 29 cases in the camp that houses a million Rohingya Muslims.

I am watching because this is the ultimate test of the importance (or lack of it) of social distancing.

By the way, we have admitted Rohingya Muslim refugees to the US in the last couple of months.


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