Iraqi Muslim Refugees–go home (Part 2)

Not too long ago we mentioned that Lincoln, Nebraska was bracing for a surge of Iraqi refugees, but it appears the surge is not materializing according to this article last Saturday in the Lincoln Journal Star.   Contractor Church World Services through its subcontractor  Luthern Refugee Services  indicated that Lincoln is one of 10 areas of the US set up as receiving areas for Iraqis.  

The contractors sound downright despondent to hear that the process is not moving along.     Afterall, 7000 refugees by September 30th is only a drop in the bucket compared to benevolent Sweden’s contribution.   We feel sorry for people too, right?  We like collecting the downtrodden.

But what if these 7000 Iraqis, and the hundreds of thousands of others who have run and hidden, were brave people?   What if they had the spirit that created America in 1776?   What if they were as determined as both the North and South were in our Civil War?  What if they were as brave as the Brits were facing Hitler?  Or, as daring as the Israelis were in the Six-Day War? 

What if……..they all went home to Iraq and told the foreign fighters [no, not fighters, Muslim cowards who deliberately kill children] to take their terrorism and leave.    We, Americans, have rid Iraq of the tyrant Saddam Hussein and given them an elected government.  It is now up to the Iraqis scattered across the globe to go home, take responsibility and make something of their country.   

The choice is theirs.  They can continue to suffer from the whining syndrome that seems to have gripped the whole world.  They can play the pathetic victim card like their Muslim compatriots at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) or they can buck up.   A few years ago I gave a speech at Valley Forge Military Academy in which I told the cadets that what they become in life is up to them, not their parents, their teachers or circumstances in their lives.    The same is true here,  Iraq could be a beacon in the desert.

Or, the Muslim Iraqi refugees can hide out around the world living like parasites on the benevolence of  Christian and Jewish do-gooders.  Now wouldn’t that be a fitting end for the followers of Mohammed?

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