Iraqis to Bowling Green, KY, where another refugee was killed while breaking into someone’s home

This is another in my continuing series about Iraqis and “welcoming” cities.  There will be a flood of Iraqis and a flood of these puff piece articles  (this one by the Associated Press, no surprise there) over the next 4 weeks as the fiscal year comes to an end.   Today it’s a story about an Iraqi family (among 17 other Iraqi refugees) who have arrived in Bowling Green, KY.   A volag representative confirms, in a round-about-way that your city will be a chosen one if no one makes waves.

James Robinson, director of the Bowling Green International Center, has helped introduce many new citizens to the area. In the past 12 months, Robinson has helped resettle 188 refugees from Myanmar, 37 from Burundi and 30 from Cuba.

“They look to see what agency has had the best luck in relocating people,” Robinson said of how refugees find their way to Bowling Green. He said his agency is helped by having an Arabic-speaking population at Western Kentucky University.

The “best luck?”  What does that mean?  Shouldn’t refugee resettlement be based on many considered factors: jobs, affordable housing, whether the community is open to multiculturalism, or whether the county/state can afford the welfare, etc.   Could he possibly mean that “lucky” is when no one makes waves.  Obviously someone is asking, why Bowling Green?

Also, since this puff piece doesn’t mention it,  things have not gone smoothly in Bowling Green where a homeowner was exonerated last month after shooting a Bosnian teenage refugee who was attempting to break into his home.  Follow that story here.

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