Christian group wants “durable solution” for Rohingya Muslims

You would think there are plenty of Christians being persecuted around the world to keep these pressure groups busy for a long long time, but Christian Solidarity Worldwide is going to bat for the Rohingya Muslims of Burma.   We have an entire category about Rohingya because we have been following for sometime their lobbying campaign to be resettled in the West. 

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) just released this report from a whole 5 day trip to Bangladesh (below is from press coverage on that report):

New Delhi – Hundreds of Burmese Muslim minorities, seeking refuge on the Bangladesh-Burma border, are in dire straits, despite escaping brutal repression by the Burmese military junta, said a new report by the Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

The new report called “A people at the brink of extermination,” released yesterday, said Rohingya Muslims, who live in western Burma’s Arakan State are one of the minority groups that have suffered appalling oppression by the ruling junta.

The report quoted a Rohingya saying “The regime is trying to take away our identity. We will not be there in the very near future. Our prime concern is that we must not be eliminated …We are a people on the brink of extinction.”

The Rohingya are not going extinct.  They are spreading out throughout Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, China, Canada, Norway, and probably some are here in the US already.

CSW said:

“UNHCR and the Bangladesh government should try to find a durable solution to the problem,” said Roger, who was in the CSW team visiting the refugee camps.

When the phrase “durable solution” is used, that is UN code for resettle them in a town near you. 

Read our whole category on the strict Rohingya Muslims here.  In the very first post I did on this group I quoted both the Hudson Institute and Time (yes! Time) magazine on allegations that some members of this group are connected to Islamic terrorism.

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