Malta: Somali would-be rapists cause firestorm of comment

Update Dec. 31st:  More on Malta here today.

The story is tiny, only 149 words in the Times of Malta.   A couple of drunk Somali refugees attempted to rape a girl on Christmas Day.

Two Somalis allegedly caught trying to rape a 17-year-old girl on the Birzebbuga promenade on Christmas day were so drunk they did not know what happened.

But, check out the comments!  There are thousands and thousands of words of comment, mostly very angry comments, about the plight this little island nation is in with boatloads of refugees arriving daily in the good seasons of the year.

We have reported on Malta on several previous occasions mostly because the US must take some of the blame for Malta’s predicament.    We are taking some of Malta’s Somali illegal aliens as refugees, a practice that will only serve to encourage more Somalis and other Africans to try to reach Malta.

If shipping them off to America is not incentive enough consider the fact that the US Ambassador to Malta gave a tea-party send-off to one group of Somalis as they headed for Colorado, here!

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