NumbersUSA: Obama to push Amnesty this year

Pushing it fast!  

In his press conference* recognizing his 100th day in office Pres. Barack Obama reaffirmed plans to push amnesty this year. Obama said, “I see the process moving this first year. And I’m going to be moving it as quickly as I can.”

Read about it here at NumbersUSA.    The operating theory is that popular Presidents need to ram as much through in their first year before their popularity fades and that seems to be the principle at work here.   Earlier predictions were that there is no way Obama would be foolish enough to put Amnesty on the table if the economy still stinks, but looks like that concept is now out the window.  

And, heck, you have friends of big business who want to keep labor costs low pushing for an immigration stimulus in the WSJ.

Do you refugee industry folks ever worry that opening up more immigration (which amnesty will surely do) will further hurt your efforts to find employment for refugees?

* A little aside:  Obama is losing audience numbers for his prime time press conferences.  I guess the word is getting out that less people are interested in watching the media swoon and Obama stall, wander and weave.

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