Bosnians from North Dakota attempt to kidnap 14-year-old girl in Kentucky

We have resettled over 100,000 Bosnian refugees in the wake of Bill Clinton’s Balkan war*.  Every once in awhile they turn up in crime stories, like this one in Bowling Green, Kentucky last year where a Bosnian teen was shot dead trying to break into a home, or this one where Bosnians concocted a truck driving school scam,  or how about the one from Ft. Wayne, IN where Bosnians with AK-47’s are believed to be involved in gangs.

Now comes a story, hat tip Blulitespecial, that former Bosnian refugees from Fargo, ND travelled to Bowling Green, KY (yes, Bowling Green again) to attempt to kidnap a 14-year-old student so that she could marry into their family in North Dakota.  They must be Muslims because child brides are encouraged for followers of Islam and I guess their refugee resettlement agency failed to tell them that in America we don’t kidnap minor girls to be wives.  Here is the whole short AP story:

FARGO, N.D. — Two men are accused of trying to pick up a 14-year-old girl from her Kentucky school and take her to North Dakota to marry the 14-year-old son of one of the men.

Bowling Green, Ky., police spokesman Barry Pruitt says the teens had been communicating over the Internet and decided they wanted to get married. Pruitt says the boy, his father and another man drove 15 hours to Kentucky. School officials called police when they tried to check the girl out of class on Monday.

Pruitt said the girl was not old enough to legally consent.

The men, 42-year-old Dragan Jovanovic and 18-year-old Elvis Tahirovic, were arraigned Tuesday on one charge each of attempted kidnapping. Their attorney did not immediately return a message seeking comment Wednesday.

Note that AP doesn’t bother to tell us that they are Bosnians, but KXMBTV in Bismark does give their nationality.

Also, readers should know that Bowling Green, KY, Fargo, ND and Ft. Wayne, IN are all “welcoming” cities for refugees, or so the State Department and its resettlement contractors say.

*  The Clinton Administration was happy to resettle so many Bosnians to help their friends in the meat packing industry, here.

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