Liberians participated in March on America, deportations looming?

My previous story this morning about the Liberian gang rape case in Phoenix reminded me that Liberians participated in the Marxist March on America last Saturday.  Here is a story from All Africa about that participation.

Hundreds of Liberians in the United States joined other immigrants to press for reforms in the immigration system that would allow millions legitimize their stay in America.

As their Temporary Protective Status comes to end with prospects of deportation since conditions here are deemed improved, they held a rally in Washington D.C., on Sunday, March 21, 2010

“The March For America” was organized by and held under the leadership of the Reform Immigration For America campaign. In addition to this immigration advocacy body, the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), is also working in close collaboration and partnership with various other like minded activists and pressure groups in finding lasting solution to immigration problems facing Liberian citizens

After the match [march?] American officials spoke to the marchers, including New Jersey Congressmen Donald Payne, Sr., who is also Chairman of the powerful House Sub-Committee on Africa, Patrick Kennedy and Jim Langevin of Rhode Island, Keith Edison [Ellison, America’s first Muslim Congressman] of Minnesota and Rhode Island’s Senator Jack Reed. Liberia’s Ambassador in Washington DC, Roland Barnes also attended the program.

Liberians were granted Temporary Protected Status and allowed to come to the US years ago supposedly “temporarily.”  Their time was up and thanks to people like Senator Reed (here), Obama extended the time* they can stay although the turmoil in their country has now subsided.   The same status was granted Haitians recently.  So what do you think the chances are that any of them will go home?

* I see that their extension is up in 4 days, but I’m guessing Obama has already extended their stay again.  If anyone sees that report let me know!  Do immigrants with TPS status get to vote?

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