Report: Nine Somalis deported from the US, returned to Mogadishu?

If this story is true, I am blown away!   And, if it’s true these must be some really bad dudes because we have been too wussy to deport to Somalia (and the UN would be screaming bloody murder and calling us names).

If it’s true, is the Obama Administration keeping it quiet for some reason—don’t want to scare the public about who is here among us already?

From a not well-known publication (and I searched to find this two-week-old story at a recognized media outlet but couldn’t find it):

(Medeshi )- April 16,2012 – Nine Somalis deported from the US arrived at Mogadishu airport on Monday morning . They were immediately searched thoroughly by the security forces and put under investigation .

The Somali minister of Interior , Abdisamad Mualin told VOA Somali news that “ these people that have been returned from the US will be investigated for security reasons before they are released to the city “ . The minister continued that “the nine Somalis will be investigated for any criminal records or terrorist activities before they are released into the public“ .

The reason for the deportation by the US of these nine persons who are all male is not known. Many European countries have also recently declared that they will return to Somalia those that they don’t want to stay in their countries.

Back in March we had this fishy story about how the Obama Administration was going to deport an entire Somali family as part of their campaign to generate sympathy for those who might be deported.  But, the nine supposedly deported earlier this month are all men, not a family.

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