Tennessee Somali sex trafficking trial points to immigration fraud truth

And, that immigration fraud could end up causing the prosecutors to lose this case.

I haven’t seen the very latest on the trial that was supposed to wrap up yesterday, but here is an AP story from Thursday.  At least from this report it doesn’t look like a guilty verdict for at least the CHILD sex trafficking charges can hold up:

Jennifer Thompson, defense attorney for Idris Ibrahim Fahra, said Jane Doe No. 2 was a runaway who manipulated people around her and was fed information from a St. Paul police investigator.

Only when the witness got into trouble, “that’s when she plays the victim card,” Thompson argued.

She pointed out the witness, also Somali, doesn’t know her age because her birth certificate was faked. [and, the US State Department never found that out before they let her (and the men too) and thousands like them into the US!—ed]

Thompson contended Jane Doe No. 2 was “a grown-up” as old or older than the men she was having sex with.

Let me put this the way the Left would put it—Somalis come from a culture that condones lying (ie. it is not their fault, their culture makes them do it).

A reminder:  as many as 36,000 Africans (mostly Somalis) entered the US by lying about family relationships

Back in 2008 the US State Department discovered wide-spread fraud in the so-called P-3 family reunification program mostly involving Somalis.  Surprise! They lied about family connections.  Here, officials put the estimate of fraudulent entries between the years 2003 and 2008 at 36,000!

So, in fact, we don’t know who these people are who are on trial in Tennessee let alone their birth dates.

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