Europe getting ready to control immigration if Euro collapses

They get it!  Immigration must be controlled in floundering economies, but will it be too little too late for Europe?

Here is an article from The Telegraph in which a Member of the British Parliament says they are getting ready to halt one of the most important parts of the EU government where people from member states can freely cross borders to work.   They fear most that the collapse of Greece will send thousands upon thousands to the few countries still holding their economic heads above water, especially Britain.

In an interview in The Daily Telegraph, Theresa May says “work is ongoing” to restrict European immigration in the event of a financial collapse.

People from throughout the EU, with the exception of new member countries such as Romania and Bulgaria, are able to work anywhere in the single market.

However, there are growing concerns that if Greece was forced to leave the euro, it would effectively go bankrupt and millions could lose their jobs and consider looking for work abroad.

The crisis could spread quickly to other vulnerable countries such as Spain, Ireland and Portugal, although Britain is regarded as a safe haven because it is outside the single currency.


The introduction of immigration controls within the EU would undermine a key part of the single market. However, it is allowed in “exceptional” circumstances under European law.

Controls are most likely to include restrictions on people seeking to work in Britain, who could be made to apply for visas.


David Cameron has already said that Britain has made contingency plans to deal with the break-up of the single currency.

Too late?

But, according to this article (be sure to open the link to see the photo) also from The Telegraph (last month), it may be too late for Britain to control any immigration.  Who is to blame?

Many of us can identify with these concerns. And being sensible, like Joe Public, we do not blame immigrants for failing to integrate: the blame lies at the feet of our rulers for failing to set clear boundaries by requiring them to learn English, respect British culture and obey the house rules. Instead, the British have been exhorted to change the rules to accommodate the newcomers. It may come as no surprise to read that the Office for National Statistics has discovered that one in eight people in the UK is now foreign born.

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