More on those anti-African migrant riots in Israel

Netanyahu:   Africans threaten the social fabric of Israel.

See my earlier post here on the riots.   This one is from the LA Times:

It was the latest in a string of attacks, disturbances and incidents of harassment in the last month, after three Eritrean migrants were arrested in connection with the rape of an Israeli woman.

Amid a national uproar over the rape, Interior Minster Eli Yishai called most African immigrants “criminals” and vowed to either deport or jail them. He said on Israel Radio that a firm response was the only way to discourage more refugees from entering the country. “Once they’re in jail, they won’t want to come over here anymore,” he said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echoed the sentiment, saying the presence of African migrants in Israel “is extremely serious and threatens Israel’s social fabric and national security.

Most of the African refugees walk into Israel via the Sinai desert, paying Bedouin smugglers thousands of dollars to deliver them from Egypt. In response, the Israeli government has begun construction of a massive fence along the border and an 8,000-bed detention facility in the southern Negev desert to hold those who get through. Both are expected to be completed this year.

Political correctness has definitely not taken hold in Israel!

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