Maltese lawyer: Immigrants with no jobs do stupid things; more on the way

Make room Malta, here we come—more jobless immigrants looking for a ticket to America!

He was talking about a Somali on the island nation of Malta who had just been apprehended while in the process of stealing money from an open van.   From the Times of Malta  on Friday (hat tip: Charles):

Mohammed Nur, 34, of Somalia, was jailed for 18 months after he pleaded guilty to stealing cash from a van in Marsa at around 5pm yesterday.

Mr Nur, who resides at the Marsa open centre, was also charged with slightly injuring the owner of the vehicle.


Lawyer Cedric Mifsud, appearing as legal aid, said his client had problems because he was an immigrant and could not find a job, which led to him “doing these stupid things”.

Then don’t forget it was only two months ago that a bunch of “refugees” were charged with wrecking their living quarters on Malta apparently just for kicks here.

Lawyer Mifsud must be the go-to guy for crimes committed by the flood of illegal aliens who have arrived on Malta—many surely in hopes of being the lucky ones who get their ticket to America.

For new readers, we—the US State Department (cheered on by Catholic Charities)—is partially to blame for the increasing tide of Africans ‘finding their way’ to Malta because during the Bush years we set a dangerous precedent, we magically transformed  Somalis who arrived on Malta (seeking asylum?) into legitimate refugees to be taken to your cities and towns.  Refugee law requires that legitimate asylum seekers ask for asylum in the first safe place they arrive—that would be Malta and by extension the European Union.

It’s not just petty thieves and toilet-wreckers who are on Malta but here, on the same day as the first story above, Lawyer Mifsud is defending two Somalis (jobless men doing stupid things?) charged with raping an Italian woman.  Also, from the Times of Malta:

Two Somali men have been remanded in custody after they pleaded not guilty to raping an Italian woman in Hal Far on March 25 between 2 and 4am.

The men, Abdiraman Abukar, 26, and Liban Mohamoud, 26, both of Floriana, were also charged with are violent indecent assault, holding the woman against her will, harassing her, offending public morals and slightly injuring her.

The 21-year-old Italian, who resides in Valletta, filed a police report saying she was raped on Sunday night by a number of foreigners.

The men also pleaded not guilty to stealing her mobile phone and using violence against the woman.

Mr Mohamud, alone, was charged with driving a car without a licence and breaching bail conditions. Mr Abukar was charged with relapsing.

Police Inspector Yvonne Farrugia told Magistrate Neville Camilleri the men were arrested after their mobile phone numbers were traced from a number of records.

She objected to a bail request because of the nature of the crime, to which, she said, there were several witnesses, including the victim.

Mr Mahmoud had breached previous bail conditions and did not even respect the curfew imposed by another court, Insp. Farrrugia said.

The Abukar had been found guilty of raping another woman.

Insp. Farrugia said the victim identified the two men as her rapists.

More on the way!

Also last Friday there were several reports of boats on the way from north Africa where we—the Obama Administration—is also to blame for creating more lawlessness in Libya.  Most of these boat people are launching from there.

Eighty migrants rescued off Malta, from

A PREGNANT woman and a baby were among a group of 82 African migrants rescued from a dinghy off the coast of Malta.

The migrants were spotted some 110km south of the Mediterranean island after they had sent out an SOS via satellite phone. Officials said they had left Libyan shores.

The group, made up of 82 Somalis, including 10 women, were taken into custody upon their arrival in Malta. Their condition is unknown.

Three other boats with 260 people on board were intercepted by Italian coastguards early on Friday and taken to an immigration centre on the island of Lampedusa.

I was hoping that some of this trafficking would be brought under control when we learned in January that two bigwigs had been arrested at the Italian Embassy in Nairobi for trafficking Somalis to Malta (and Europe), here.  Guess not!

Readers, the Western world and our way of life is in deep trouble.  Forget the terrorists and nuclear bombs—the real nuclear bomb is third world immigrants flowing across and around the globe looking to survive.  And, we better dump the politically correct b.s. about the joys of multiculturalism or we are doomed.   Most Americans have no clue what is coming our way (forget Europe their goose is already cooked!).

For more on Malta, type ‘Malta’ into our search function and I bet we have over 100 posts on the mess the US helped create there.

About the photo:  It was originally published in a story at New Europe on the hundreds (including the 82) who arrived on Malta and on Italy’s Lampedusa Island Friday.

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