Someone dares to say it: rich Muslim countries should take their share of refugees!

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Australia is awash with boat people mostly from Muslim countries like Afghanistan.  What to do with them is really a pivotal issue in upcoming elections.  Here in The Australian’s “Talking Points” section are two suggestions.

Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott

WRITING about the influx of illegal immigrants across the southern border of the US, columnist Michelle Malkin bluntly referred to it as an invasion. That is what Australia is experiencing now, and Tony Abbott is right in planning to put a top general in charge.

One solution to the problem of asylum-seekers is to airlift them to the nearest UN refugee camp where they can take their turn in line with all those who have been waiting.

At the same time, Australia should request wealthy and stable Muslim countries to take their share of those fleeing from violence. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Gulf Emirates are wealthy and stable and import large numbers of workers. They should be expected to take their share.

I don’t know about Qatar and the Gulf Emirates, but Saudi Arabia takes no refugees.  In fact there were many reports about the Saudi’s immediately sending Somalis, who were caught in SA, back to Mogadishu when it was controlled by the terrorists.  The UNHCR is skittish, to say the least, about pressuring the ethnic nationalist Saudis.

Update:  A reader just reminded me of a post I wrote in April about the UAE passing off their illegal immigrants to the US.

Way back in 2007, when Muslim refugees were being brought to the county where I live by the Virginia Council of Churches, I remember former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett asking logically ‘why aren’t they going to Saudi Arabia?’  Why of course, excellent idea!

Always remember, this is not about the poor and downtrodden (that is the pretense!), it is about Al Hijra!

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