How to report Food Stamp Fraud

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I’ve been writing about Food Stamp Fraud as a hobby here for nearly 6 years, but had never seen the USDA information on how to report it.  I know in my county a few years back, watchful citizens reported it to the local Police Chief who took it from there and the fraudster was busted.

If you see any suspicious activity at your local convenience store, say something. 

For all of our coverage of food stamp fraud busts involving immigrant-run stores, click here.

This just popped up in my alerts:

How Can I Report SNAP Fraud?

If you see or hear about SNAP fraud, tell us. Help us protect your tax dollars.

FNS takes aggressive measures to fight all fraud. We appreciate the help of concerned citizens.

    • Fraud reports of any kind may be filed with the USDA Office of Inspector General.

      • Call
        • (800) 424-9121
        • (202) 690-1622
        • (202) 690-1202 (TDD)
      • Write
        • United States Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General PO Box 23399 Washington, DC 20026-3399
      • Online
  • You can also report fraud to your State. This is especially important if you think that someone lied about their income or assets, or is misusing their benefits.

Your report is confidential.

Help us Fight SNAP Fraud.

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