20,000 African ‘asylum seekers’ marched in Tel Aviv over the weekend, demand their “rights”

Update:  UNHCR blasts Israel’s treatment of would-be “refugees” (here).  So where is the blast at Saudi Arabia?

Those paragons of Muslim charity in Saudi Arabia can deport Africans by the thousands with no public outcry, yet, Israel is called evil for not giving asylum to tens of thousands of Africans who would soon turn Tel Aviv into Marseille!  The double standard is outrageous, and heck S.A. actually has the land to accommodate their fellow Muslims.

From 972Mag:

Over 20,000 asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea, assembled in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square Sunday morning to demand recognition as refugees. Across Israel, asylum seekers went on a three-day strike, and more protests were planned.

In recent weeks, the government stepped up the arrest and imprisonment of African asylum seekers who entered the state without permits. Several months ago, Israel’s High Court of Justice struck down a law authorizing the state to lock up for three years any person who entered the country illegally, and in some cases, indefinitely. But last month the Knesset passed a new law, authorizing the state to hold asylum seekers in “closed” prisons for a year. A new “open” holding facility named “Holot” began operating in the desert, where asylum seekers can be held indefinitely until their eventual deportation.

The government has stepped up enforcement measures against Israeli businesses that employ asylum seekers in recent weeks and months and municipalities have been shutting down shops and restaurants owned by Africans, adding to a feeling of despair in the asylum seeker community.

The general strike is the latest step in the African protest campaign against the recent measures.

There is more, go to 972Mag for the story and especially the photos.

Aljazeera puts the number of protesters at 30,000, here, called the largest “migrant rally” in Israel’s history.

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Watch for it! More Iraqis coming our way?

Still not close to the number of Syrians entering Jordan, but the pace of Iraqis on the run is increasing (again!).

Iraqis have only one place to go—Jordan. Saudi Arabia takes no refugees!

Just when you thought one Muslim civil war was over and we could stop taking their “refugees,” along come the Islamists to fire things up again as we learned this weekend in the news from Iraq.  It reminds me of the game ‘whack-a-mole!’

A BBC story on the resurgence of fighting in Fallujah inserts these paragraphs which doesn’t bode well for the US getting a break from Iraqi refugees—the largest group of refugees we resettled in FY2013—almost 20,000!


Meanwhile the conflict appeared to be having an effect on the flow of Iraqi refugees into Jordan.

The UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, said registration had increased fivefold since the beginning of December, though most new refugees came from minority communities in Baghdad.  [Minorities also include Sunni Muslims—ed]

Smaller numbers were coming from Anbar province, where the fighting was taking place, and from the majority Shia community, the UN said.

An average of 415 Iraqi refugees a week are now entering Jordan, compared with 500 Syrians per day, it added.

Saudi Arabia does not allow refugees to come across the border, and if they manage to get in they are deported—even the Muslim ones.

This is our 599th post on Iraqi refugees.