Utah refugee trial opens with paramedic describing “horror scene”

Esar Met in the courtroom yesterday in Salt Lake City showed no emotion as translators kept him informed. http://m.sltrib.com/sltrib/mobile3/57363092-219/met-girl-police-trial.html.csp

Yesterday we reported that jury selection had begun in the trial of a Burmese refugee accused of raping and murdering a 7-year-old fellow refugee in 2008.

From KSL.com (Utah):

SALT LAKE CITY — Paramedic Andrew Maurer well remembers being led into a South Salt Lake basement where the body of 7-year-old missing girl had just been found.

“It was spooky that night,” he testified Tuesday, noting the dark basement and all the flashes going off from police investigators taking pictures. “It just looked like a horror scene to me.”

Maurer was one of 10 people who testified on the first day of the murder trial of Esar Met, which began nearly six years after the body of young Hser Ner Moo was found in Met’s basement bathroom.

Met, 26, is charged with aggravated murder and child kidnapping, first-degree felonies, in the March 31, 2008, death of the Burmese refugee girl. Her disappearance sparked a wide search effort, leading to the discovery of her body the next day.

Maurer and former South Salt Lake Fire Capt. Paul Rasmussen were called by police to the basement of Met’s apartment to confirm what detectives already suspected, that the little girl was dead.

“I observed a body that was in the bottom of a shower area. I was taken back by what I saw,” Rasmussen testified. “She had a lot of blood all over her.”

Hser’s hair was matted with blood. Rasmussen bent down to touch her skin and try to move her leg, and found she was “very, very cold.” Rigor mortis had already set in.

“I saw the girl in the bottom of the shower stall, curled up, face down, her head was away from us,” Maurer testified. “I could see that (her left arm) was bent back, broken.”

The testimony of the paramedics describing the gruesome crime scene was accompanied by graphic photos that were shown to the jury.

One of the things the defense is arguing is that Esar Met and the girl were friends and thus her DNA might have already been on his clothes (yeh, right!).  However, when you watch the news clip associated with this story, note that Met had only arrived at the apartment complex a month before, so one wonders how close a “friendship” this could have been.

I would love to know which resettlement contractor placed him, a Muslim, in a building housing Christian Karen people.  Do you think the contractor learned any lessons?

The murder happened in 2008, but the trial was delayed (and the death penalty removed) due to an “extreme language barrier”:

Though the girl was killed in March 2008, the case has stalled due to language barriers and the Burmese man’s struggles to understand the court process. Translators are being rotated during the court hearings, constantly interpreting to Met what others are saying. Several times during Tuesday’s hearing, attorneys were asked to slow down while questioning witnesses so the translator could relate everything to Met. Met wore a set of headphones as the interpreters spoke softly into a microphone so he could hear.

Because of the extreme language barrier the case has presented, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill decided not to seek the death penalty in the case.

We will keep you posted as the trial progresses.  Don’t hold your breath for any reference to the alleged murderer’s religion (is he a Rohingya Muslim?).

See this line in the Salt Lake Tribune report:

But defense attorneys painted a picture of Met’s relationship with his four roommates as cold — stemming from their being from different ethnic groups.

They just can’t say the ‘M’ word!

Unaccompanied minors or victims of human trafficking?

We have written a lot lately about the spike in the number of illegal alien children coming across US borders without their parents—most recently here in December.  Those that aren’t turned over to family members (who may themselves be illegal aliens), end up in the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement and at least two federal refugee contractors—the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services–which of course are paid by you to take care of the kids.

One of the “kids” LIRS took care of. LIRS caption:
Rather than be forced to become a child soldier, Tesfaye Gebre fled Eritrea as an unaccompanied refugee minor. Photo Credit: The Lutheran/Lisa Helfert

Here is a story from the DC Clothesline a few days ago, that explains more about the steep rise in the numbers and how the Obama Administration is complicit in this human trafficking scheme (hat tip: Cathy):

US District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen, in a December ruling, claims that the Obama administration’s Homeland Security Department has been openly violating US law by conspiring to smuggle illegal immigrants into the United States. As if all the other scandals that are enveloping this administration weren’t enough, it seems they are now openly aiding an invasion of our country, which again, should be declared as treasonous.

The accusations were contained in the judge’s ruling against Mirtha Veronica Nava-Martinez, who plead guilty to attempting to smuggle a ten-year-old El Salvadorean girl, identified only as Y.P.S. in the ruling, into the United States in violation of federal law. Nava-Martinez was caught at the Brownsville & Matamoros Bridge checkpoint.

Patricia Elizabeth Salmeron Santos had solicited human traffickers, of which Nava-Martinez is an admitted trafficker, to smuggle her daughter into Virginia. She eventually agreed to pay $8,500 (paying $6,000 in advance) to traffic her daughter into the country.

The Texas federal judge accused DHS of delivering children, illegally smuggled into the US to their illegal immigrant parents. “This action makes the DHS complicit in aiding that Mexican drug cartels that control the people smuggling rings,” writes Hanen. He added that the “government is not only allowing (illegal immigrants in the US) to fund the illegal and evil activities of these cartels, but is also inspiring them to do so.”

Judge Hanen wrote that in more than one case that has been before his court, members of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a federal agency under DHS, have arrested human traffickers, who are smuggling children illegally into the US, then “delivering the minors to the custody of the parent illegally living in the United States.”

Read it all, there is much more with lots of links.  The article does not mention the role of the Office of Refugee Resettlement and it contractors, but know that thousands of ‘kids’ not immediately sent to family members are now in your (the taxpayers’) care.

See also the Center for Immigration Studies report (The Reality of Childhood Arrivals: Seamy, not Dreamy) from mid-December highlighting another similar case.

Even Senator Ted Cruz says to bring in the Syrians! 2015 to be the year!

Senator Ted Cruz agrees with Senator Durbin—bring in more Syrians. Maybe he can get open-borders Grover back on his side.

But, he references the Christian Syrians, which demonstrates to me that he (his staff) has no idea how the US State Department’s Refugee Program works.  They will not single out the Christians for protection!

The only way Senator Cruz could redeem his uninformed remark is for him to write specific legislation saying that only Syrian Christians will be admitted to the US—good luck getting that through Congress!

From AP at MyNews3 (hat tip: pungentpeppers):

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic and Republican senators say the U.S. should offer a home to more Syrian refugees.

Syria’s civil war is now in its third year. More than two million have fled the Arab country, straining neighboring Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Many live under awful conditions.

U.S. aid totals $1.3 billion. But the U.S. has resettled about 100 Syrian refugees since fighting began.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin lamented the figure may only rise to a few hundred this year. He criticized overly restrictive U.S. immigration laws for refugees. [The “overly restrictive…laws” ol’ tricky Dick is referring to are the security clearances he would like to see done away with!—ed]

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, whose father was born in Cuba, also highlighted the crisis, citing the plight of Christian refugees.

U.S. officials cited procedural delays. They said far more refugees could arrive in 2015.

I know we have readers in Texas, you gotta educate Ted!

Palestinians vs. other refugees

Michael Curtis in American Thinker shows how the Palestinian “refugees” are treated completely different from all other refugees in The Right of Return to Manhattan and Other Places and how absurd it is.   I don’t have time to write anything at length, but here are a few excerpts:

On why there were Palestinian refugees:

The problem started with Arab opposition to Jewish settlement in the area of Palestine even before the establishment of the State of Israel. As a result of the violent Arab Revolt of 1936-39, mainly led and orchestrated by the Arab High Command under Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, over ten per cent of the adult Palestinian population was killed, injured, or imprisoned. This Arab wave of terror directed against British personnel, Jews, and other Arabs opposed to the Mufti and his followers resulted in the first wave of refugees, perhaps as many as 40,000 Arabs who fled the area.

But the main refugee problem was caused by the militant Arab activity in the mid 1940s and then by the 1948-49 War that was initiated by the Arabs. The “catastrophe,” as the war is named by the Palestinians, was brought on by the invasion of Israel immediately after its establishment on May 14, 1948, by troops from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and other Arab countries. As a result of the fighting, and for reasons that are still disputed, Palestinians fled their home in large numbers.

On the origin of the Palestinian refugee organization:

Oppressed Palestinians in Gaza. For more, see http://www.idfblog.com/2013/08/12/what-happened-to-the-humanitarian-crisis-in-gaza/

Before the end of the war, the United Nations General Assembly on November 19, 1948 passed Resolution 212 (III) to create the UN Relief for Palestinian Refugees (UNRPR). This body was replaced by decision of UNGA Resolution 302 (IV) on December 8, 1949, by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

About this UN concern for Palestinian refugees, two aspects are worth noting. One is the fact the UN ignored, and indeed still ignores, the reality that 700,000 Jews, probably a larger number than the actual number of Palestinian refugees, made exodus from the Arab lands in which their families had lived for centuries. The second is that this instance is the only time that the UN has set up an agency only for one group of people and that this unique agency has remained in existence for 64 years.

 Putting this in context:

The initiation of a Palestinian refugee relief agency was a remarkable and inexplicable departure from established relief activity. On December 14, 1950 the UNGA set up the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHRC), originally with a three-year mandate. Its function remains to coordinate international action to protect refugees and to resolve refugee problems worldwide. Since then it has helped more than 50 million people restart their lives. Among the various refugee populations it has assisted are the 4 million from Afghanistan, the 12 million ethnic Germans after World War II, the 5.5 million from Sudan, and the 15 million Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs after the 1947 Indian-Pakistani war.

Then contrasting the staff and budgets for the two agencies:

With a budget in 2012 of $3.59 billion the UNHRC has a staff of 7,600 in more than 125 countries. Currently, it is concerned with 33 million people. About 14.7 million are internally displaced; 10.5 million are refugees; 3.1 million are returnees; 3.5 million are stateless; 800,000 are asylum seekers; and 1.3 million considered to be in danger. To these figures must be added the millions now fleeing countries like Syria, Iraq, Mali, South Sudan, and Libya.

These figures make an extraordinary contrast with the existence and activity of UNRWA involved with much smaller numbers but with a much larger staff at its disposal. It employees 29,000 people, mostly Palestinians, and has 2 headquarters, 5 field offices, and representatives abroad, including in Washington, DC. A member of the latter group was Chris McGrath, former aide to Senator Harry Reid.

He concludes that UNRWA keeps up a welfare state for Palestinians, something which does them a great disservice.  The cause of the whole thing was an order to Arab states long ago not to take in any of the refugees so they could be used as an ongoing weapon against Israel.